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Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management

Traditional IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions primarily focus on counting and tracking assets for accurate inventory management. However, they often face significant challenges, including limited visibility over dispersed assets, maintaining data accuracy amid frequent changes to the modern enterprise’s technology landscape, ensuring proper inventory controls to meet compliance and audit requirements, safeguarding assets from cyber threats, and optimizing cost control.

In contrast, Modern Technology Asset Management represents a paradigm shift in IT operations by providing comprehensive asset visibility into a company's entire technology portfolio and the components necessary to automate manual tasks within IT's run books and processes. These automated workflows are provided with accurate, real-time data on the state, performance and security of a company’s technology assets by the Oomnitza ETM solution.

The result is Enterprise Technology Management replaces a significant amount of manual effort and tickets associated with common IT processes with automation, along with improving a company’s security posture and reducing overall costs.

Here are some of the improved outcomes customers experience deploying Enterprise Technology Management:

  • Save 70% of time preparing for IT Audits
  • Reclaim 45% more endpoints automating employee offboarding
  • Save 35% of SaaS license spend not paying for unused licenses
  • Improve refresh forecasting by 40%
  • Improve their security posture by reducing vulnerable endpoint attack surfaces by knowing which devices don’t have updated endpoint protection.
  • Enhance compliance and audit readiness with comprehensive asset visibility to continuously adhere to IT governance and cybersecurity framework inventory control and management requirements.

Figure 1: Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) Architecture

Modern Technology Asset Management is a foundational component to the overall Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution that offers standardized and enables custom-built Workflow Applications to automate key technology-centric processes. Moreover, it plays a key role in enhancing a company's overall data hygiene, ensuring that the information is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable across the entire technology landscape.

More specifically, Oomnitza Modern Technology Asset Management is built upon four foundational components:

  • 160+ Connector Integrations built and supported by Oomnitza that
  • Connect to an ETM Database that continuously provides data accuracy across your entire technology asset portfolio
  • Business Intelligence to report on your technology assets
  • Low-Code Workflows that turn information into action

In this article, I’ll summarize each of these components. Download the Oomnitza Solution Overview for a more detailed review. Or better yet, take a product tour or schedule a demo to see the Oomnitza solution for yourself.

Connector Integrations

Oomnitza Modern Technology Asset Management offers an extensive array of over 160 out-of-the-box integrations – connecting a broad range of management tools like JamF, Intune, Crowdstrike and ServiceNow – built and fully supported by Oomnitza. These integrations empower you to seamlessly connect both standardized and custom-built Workflow Applications to your existing technology management tools and platforms.

Key benefits include:

  • Agentless Connector Integrations: Leverage your existing investments in best-of-breed endpoint, software, network, cloud infrastructure, security, SSO, user management systems, as well as popular software and service providers.
  • Oomnitza's Responsibility: Rest easy knowing that all integrations are built, supported, and maintained by Oomnitza under a robust SLA, eliminating the hassle of constantly verifying third-party connectors' functionality.
  • Streamlined Data Aggregation: Out-of-the-box integrations significantly streamline technology data aggregation, normalization, mapping, and implementation, ensuring accelerated time-to-value facilitated by the Oomnitza ETM Database.
  • Simplified Attribute Mapping: With 1500+ presets, the attribute mapping process is made remarkably straightforward, further enhancing the accelerated time-to-value of Oomnitza Modern Technology Asset Management.

Technology Database

Oomnitza Modern Technology Asset Management is built on its ETM Database that continuously provides improved data accuracy across your entire technology asset portfolio. Finally, trust your data with Oomnitza Modern Technology Asset Management.

In fact, access to accurate data is crucial to successfully automating technology-centric processes. The Oomnitza ETM Database provides a superset view of all the attributes available in the underlying enterprise management tools.

Key benefits include:

  • Discover: Identify and catalog the entire enterprise technology portfolio.
  • Aggregate: Achieve a single view of your entire enterprise technology landscape by aggregating all discovered enterprise technology data.
  • Normalize: Improve data accuracy and provide a more unified view of your entire enterprise technology asset portfolio.
  • Correlate: Remove redundancies and continuously reconcile multi-source technology asset information to further improve data quality.
  • Enrich: Reach back to additional data sources to gather additional information to provide a more complete picture of the asset’s attributes.

Business Intelligence

With its comprehensive Business Intelligence capabilities, Oomnitza's ETM solution empowers IT to enhance decision-making processes, quickly identifying and addressing issues while effectively showcasing IT's value to the business. The platform offers real-time visibility, notifications, and reporting into the state and performance of your automated IT processes and technology landscape. Common reports include devices missing endpoint protection, upcoming asset refresh and renewals and offboarding employee asset retrieval summary.

Key benefits include:

  • Report: Derive valuable insights from feature-rich reporting tools
  • Monitor: Attain real-time visibility into potential issues, enabling proactive responses.
  • Visualize: Elevate decision-making with intuitive dashboards and customizable widgets, presenting data in an easily digestible format.

Low-Code Workflows

Oomnitza's ETM solution provides a Workflow Designer that enables IT to design, modify, automate, and orchestrate workflows through an easy-to-use, low-code flowchart user interface that supports millions of workflows daily. Common IT workflows include employee onboarding, employee offboarding, IT audit readiness, procurement forecasting, SaaS lifecycle management and CMDB enrichment.

With the Workflow Designer, IT gains the following capabilities:

  • Design custom workflows quickly
  • Automate millions of workflows daily
  • Orchestrate and monitor workflows complete properly

CMDB Enrichment

One of the first use cases for deploying Oomnitza's ETM solution is CMDB Enrichment. Through seamless integrations with essential enterprise technology systems, the Technology Database provided by the Oomntiza ETM solution serves as a central hub, facilitating the discovery, aggregation, normalization, and enrichment of data to ensure the availability of superior asset information for standardized and custom ETM Workflow Applications, as well as other technology management tools and platforms.

For an existing Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the CMDB Enrichment capability significantly enhances the accuracy of stored data, effectively relieving the burden of technology inventory management. Additionally, automating data hygiene maintenance results in a remarkable reduction in the number of tickets sent to your service desk, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

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