Procurement Forecasting

As enterprise technology consumption accelerates, it is increasingly difficult to plan IT budgets and forecast accurately to align with business needs.

Poor Asset Inventory

64% of organizations lack complete visibility and inventory into technology assets1 and context such as ownership, location, security and lifecycle state

Immature Processes

Companies lack process automation to monitor technology utilization, refresh schedules and reclamation/reuse to create a data-driven forecast for IT and finance alignment

Expenditure Waste

More than 50% of organizations waste at least 10% of their cloud and SaaS budget on underused, unmanaged or unaccounted for resources and licenses2.

Improve Procurement Forecasting with Oomnitza

30 Percent Accuracy Blue 30 Percent Accuracy Blue

improvement in budgeting
accuracy and forecasting

Our IT budgeting and forecasting has never been this precise and efficient. With Oomnitza, we're only investing in what we truly need.

45 Percent Spend Blue 45 Percent Spend Blue

decrease in stockouts, overstocks
and emergency IT purchases

Automate lifecycle management processes for all technology assets to improve IT budgeting, forecasting and procurement.


Accurate IT budgeting and forecasting begins with an accurate technology inventory and business plan. Establish quarterly and yearly business growth and workforce hiring/reduction projections. Set policies, rules and schedules for purchase, lease, EOL, refreshes, loaners and reuse per department for various user and field devices. Oomnitza integrates with over 160 of your existing IT, security and business systems to give you a unified, up-to-date inventory and lifecycle state of all your technology assets as a baseline for accurate forecasting.

Procurement Forecasting Plan Procurement Forecasting Plan
Procurement Forecasting Forcast Procurement Forecasting Forcast


Create a data-driven forecast based on current asset inventory and business needs to drive IT and Finance alignment. Oomnitza monitors your current inventory, consumption and utilization of various hardware, software and cloud assets, tracks end-of-life and refresh dates, and reclaims orphaned, unused and underutilized cloud resources and SaaS licenses, to help you create a high-fidelity forecast and invest in exactly what you need.


Uplevel employee productivity and ensure business resiliency by replacing systems that are reaching end-of-life, end-of-warranty or end-of-support in a timely manner. Oomnitza enables employees to choose their new/replacement hardware and software technologies from a catalog using a self-service end-user request portal. It allows you to handle exceptions for break fix, lost and stolen devices. Automating these repetitive, manual tasks not only improves IT efficiency and employee productivity, but also eliminates the risk of errors that can compromise security and disrupt business operations.

Procurement Forecasting Empower Procurement Forecasting Empower
Procurement Forecasting Procure Procurement Forecasting Procure


Provide accurate forecasts to procurement teams based on refinements to initial plan taking into account current utilization, refresh schedules and reclamation of unused or departing employee assets. Oomnitza helps you plan your technology purchases better, optimize your ordering schedule against open blanket POs, and set up warehousing at suppliers with just-in-time delivery for new/replacement tech. This gives you greater negotiating leverage with vendors and the ability to rightsize renewals and purchases.


Automate the return, recovery and decommissioning of old, end-of-life and departing employee devices. Manage reclamation and reallocation workflows for cloud resources and software licenses. Oomnitza workflows allow you to sanitize and wipe endpoints, integrate with e-cycling services to dispose technologies, document certificates of disposal for audit purposes, and update financial asset management systems to ensure technology is depreciated correctly and to keep your balance sheet accurate.

Procurement Forecasting Reconcile Procurement Forecasting Reconcile
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The Oomnitza Advantage

Oomnitza helps orchestrate the IT budgeting and procurement forecasting process, from Plan to Procure (P2P). Organizations can automate lifecycle management for all hardware, software and cloud assets using low-code workflows to provision technology, monitor utilization, track end-of-life and manage refreshes and renewals. This enables IT and finance teams to improve forecasting, negotiating leverage and purchasing schedules.

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Leverage the tools you already have

Oomnitza integrates with over 160 IT, security and business systems to aggregate, correlate and normalize multi-source data and orchestrate actions across your existing tools with 1500+ pre-built connectors.

Explore Additional Use Cases

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