IT Audit Readiness and Compliance

Data acquisition and assessment tasks for expediting audits and preempting violations are resource intensive and error-prone.

Audit Failure and Exposure

66% of organizations fail at least one audit over the last three years1 while 69% of cyberattacks started with an exploited mismanaged asset2.

Data Complexity

32% of organizations use 11 or more tools/databases for audits and 40% have accuracy issues due to conflicting data from different tools2.

Poor Asset Intelligence

55% of organizations have less than 75% coverage with inconsistent asset context such as ownership, location, security and lifecycle state3.

Continuous Audit Readiness with Oomnitza

70 Percent Time Blue 70 Percent Time Blue

reduction in audit
preparation time

Audit readiness used to be a long, stressful process. With Oomnitza, it's become significantly faster and more cost-effective.

63 Percent Accuracy Blue 63 Percent Accuracy Blue

improvement in audit accuracy
and completeness

Automate IT audit readiness and compliance validation to increase risk mitigation efficacy and reduce audit delays, gaps, costs and penalties.


Identify the breadth of requirements needed to satisfy internal and external audit specifications. Determine the roles, asset technologies and technical controls in scope. Oomnitza directly integrates with an organization's existing IAM, IT and security management tools allowing operators to easily define rules to track adherence to a wide array of configuration, access, ownership, management, and security requirements. Robust analytics allows for easy building of interactive security and compliance dashboards and reports for stakeholders and auditors.

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Oomnitza makes defining, monitoring and responding to policy violations easy through its low code, WYSIWYG workflow editor. IT professionals can easily create simple to complex workflows to identify security and management policy issues and gaps across endpoints, applications, network infrastructure and cloud infrastructure. Workflows are easy to understand, maintain and standardize - offering blocks and simple editing with available attributes and operators.


Oomnitza not only monitors and reports for policy adherence and issues, but allows IT staff to automatically initiate remediation or proactively invoke compensating controls. Workflows can trigger notifications, approval requests, control installation or reactivation, owner reassignment, isolation and deprovisioning actions, and more - leveraging an organization’s existing IT tools and ticketing.

Audit Mitigate Screenshot Audit Mitigate Screenshot
Audit Evidence Screenshot Audit Evidence Screenshot


Oomnitza automates evidence gathering and report generation tasks to enable GRC managers and auditors to substantiate adherence. Audit, compliance and corrective action details are always available at the operator’s fingertips to produce reports or export data. Compliance information can be readily sent to executives and LOB operators or incorporated into external BI systems. Technology security and lifecycle state context can be shared via API to other IT management, security and logging tools.


As part of a continuous improvement, Oomnitza facilitates ITOps, security and GRC teams to collaborate to refine workflows, policies and reports based on new requirements, exceptions, gaps, controls and IT management tools. With a centralized process automation platform, these teams can periodically extend workflows and data sharing, update rules and reports, and invoke more stringent remediation actions to support a wider array of operational audit and compliance conditions.

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The Oomnitza Advantage

Oomnitza streamlines audit readiness and compliance validation processes, from Scope to Evidence (S2E), by automating data correlation, policy-based monitoring and analytics tasks. This enables organizations to more easily, accurately and consistently assess controls, generate reports, identify exposures and mitigate violations – reducing effort and cost while avoiding delays, errors, issues and fines.

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Leverage the tools you already have

Oomnitza integrates with over 160 IT, security and business systems to aggregate, correlate and normalize multi-source data and orchestrate actions across your existing tools with 1500+ pre-built connectors.

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  3. Cybersecurity Insiders 2021 Attack Surface Management report
  4. TechValidate: 2022 October, Survey of Oomnitza users
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