Technology Asset Recovery

49% of enterprises lose a considerable number of corporate-issued assets during employee offboarding1.
Despite the inherent security, data privacy and financial risks, companies struggle with technology reclamation from departing employees due to:

Lack of accurate inventory controls to identify and track all devices issued to users

Lack of integrations with IT, security and business systems to manage asset retrieval

Lack of process automation to orchestrate offboarding processes for departing users

Streamline Asset Reclamation Processes with Oomnitza

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions overcome the limitations of traditional CMDB, ITSM and ITAM products to address the unique challenges of asset reclamation and device recovery in today’s dynamic technology environments.

Improved Endpoint Recovery

ETM solutions provide accurate inventory controls and IT process automation to improve technology recovery rates, reduce security and compliance risks, and eliminate wasteful IT spend.
Offboarding Separation Screenshot Offboarding Separation Screenshot
“Oomnitza helped us automate our entire offboarding process. As a result, we were able to recover 98% of corporate issued endpoints, as well as dramatically reduce the risk of unauthorized access to company systems and data. I highly recommend Oomnitza for anyone looking to streamline and secure their employee offboarding process.”

Vice President, IT Services
Large Automobile Retailer

The Importance of Timely and Secure Technology Recovery

When employees, contractors and other personnel depart from an organization, they often possess company-issued equipment such as laptops, mobile devices, field devices and other peripherals that contain or have access to sensitive business data. Ensuring the prompt and secure return of these items is essential to prevent financial losses and potential data breaches.

Effective technology reclamation is necessary for

EffectiveTechnology Graphic EffectiveTechnology Graphic
  • Tracking technology assets via spreadsheets or in siloed systems leading to inconsistent inventory controls and gapsData security risks, legal and compliance violations, and unauthorized access by former employees when company issued assets are not recovered
  • Wasteful IT spend due to low endpoint recovery rates
  • Resource and cost overruns due to inefficient and error-prone manual processes for recovery

Asset Reclamation Challenges in Dynamic Technology Environments

Traditional IT Asset Management (ITAM) and CMDB-based ITSM solutions usually fall short in automating and streamlining asset recovery processes.

IT teams often resort to manually pulling information from multiple sources, aggregating it painstakingly via spreadsheets, and contacting users to reconcile duplicates and populate gaps in order to:

  • Identify, inventory and track all devices issued to users
  • Manage shipping logistics, labels and retrieval boxes
  • Send reminders and track returns from employees, especially those in remote or other geographical locations
  • Manage legal holds, secure wipes, reuse and disposal

Automate Asset Recovery with Enterprise Technology Management

  • Accurate inventory controls across all assets in a unified technology database (TDB), leveraging existing tools for comprehensive visibility, ensuring no asset goes untracked.
  • Pre-packaged integrations with HR, security, finance and 160+ other business systems to create a manifest of all tech assets assigned to a user and initiate employee offboarding processes.
  • End-user portal and automated surveys for users to acknowledge receipt of tech assets enabling IT, HR and legal to improve asset recovery from departing employees and contractors.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with logistics services to deliver return boxes/labels to departing users, track in-transit packages, send reminders and acknowledge receipt.
  • Low-code/no-code workflows to manage legal holds, data archival, device wipe/sanitization, asset disposal and financial reconciliation processes, with audit trails and attestation.
  • Single system for tracking all technology assets and their lifecycle for accurate inventory controls
  • Better use of IT budgets, through reduced wastage and optimized inventory levels
  • Security risk reduction by preventing unauthorized access to sensitive business data
  • Compliance with legal hold, data retention, reuse and disposal requirements avoiding legal and financial penalties/fines

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