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Automate IT Processes with Pre-Packaged Workflow Applications

Don’t build custom
in-house solutions.

Achieve outcomes
in months, not years.

A Growing Library of Workflow Applications

Oomnitza accelerates IT workflow automation by providing pre-packaged, standardized applications for common IT processes that can easily be configured for the tools and needs of any organization. Our Enterprise Technology Management solution provides the essential inventory controls and data hygiene for you to confidently embrace IT automation allowing you to reduce service tickets and eliminate mundane, repetitive and error-prone manual tasks.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Ensure continuous audit readiness
  • Reduce costs and redundancies
  • Improve user/customer experience
  • Mitigate security gaps and risks
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Automate Smarter, Not Harder

70% of IT teams struggle with time-consuming manual processes for managing technology assets. Don’t be one of them. Use pre-packaged, standardized Oomnitza applications instead of long, custom IT projects.

IT Audit
SaaS Lifecycle
Onboarding Workflow Onboarding Workflow

From Hire to Productivity

Improve new hire experience, productivity and engagement

Automate and accelerate the new hire onboarding process by creating a more consistent, time-efficient, and better way to welcome and retain new hires while also increasing productivity and lowering organizational costs.

Offboarding Workflow Offboarding Workflow

From Separation to Recovery

Reduce security exposures, improve efficiency and optimize IT spend

Automate the employee offboarding process and orchestrate across multiple teams and tools to eliminate manual and error-prone tasks, decrease ticket volume, improve efficiency and auditability, reduce security exposures, and optimize IT spend.

Audit Readiness Workflow Audit Readiness Workflow

From Scope to Evidence

Automate IT audit readiness and compliance validation

Streamline audit readiness and compliance validation processes by automating data correlation, policy-based monitoring, remediation and report generation tasks, enabling organizations to reduce audit delays, gaps, costs, and penalties.

Procurement Workflow Procurement Workflow

From Plan to Procure

Improve IT budgeting, forecasting and procurement processes

Proactively manage technology lifecycle and usage to invest in exactly what you need according to your refresh and renewal schedule. Align your budgeting and planning processes to business needs by automating the procurement forecasting process.

Saas Workflow Saas Workflow

From Discovery to Optimization

Optimize SaaS utilization, eliminate wasteful spend and mitigate risk

Automate SaaS lifecycle management processes to centrally manage, govern, and optimize SaaS used by employees. Reduce security, operational, and financial risks such as underutilization, overspend, application redundancies, incomplete offboarding, and noncompliance.

Build Your Own Workflows

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The benefits of the Oomnitza platform don’t end with pre-packaged, standardized workflow applications. Extend the platform with custom workflows for your IT, line-of-business or functional team needs. The power of our low-code/no-code platform means that anyone can easily build, activate and refine workflows to automate a wide variety of business processes.

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