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Automate IT Processes with ETM Apps​

Receive outcomes in months, not years.
Stop building custom, in-house solutions.

A Growing Library of ETM Apps (with more on the way)

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Technology Data Hygiene

From Inaccurate to Continuously Cleansed

Inaccurate data leads to bad decisions

With integrations across key enterprise technology systems, ETM serves as a central hub, discovering, aggregating and normalizing data to ensure that high quality asset information is available to your ETM Apps and other technology management tools and platforms.

If you have an existing CMDB, the Technology Data Hygiene App can improve the accuracy of data stored and remove the burden of technology inventory. And automating clean data hygiene maintenance dramatically reduces the number of tickets sent to your service desk.

KBP Onboarding Icon KBP Onboarding Icon

Efficient Onboarding

From Hire to Productivity

Improve new-employee experiences

Automate and accelerate the employee onboarding process to create a more consistent, time-efficient and better way to welcome and retain new hires while also lowering organizational costs.

KBP Offboarding Icon KBP Offboarding Icon

Secure Offboarding

From Separation to Recovery

Reduce security exposure and optimize IT spend

Automate the employee offboarding process, eliminating manual and error-prone tasks, decreasing ticket volume, improving efficiency and auditability, reducing security exposures and optimizing IT spend.

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Procurement Forecasting

From Plan to Procure

Improve your IT budgeting and forecasting processes

With visibility into technology usage, you can invest in exactly what you need according to your refresh and renewal schedule and align your budgeting and planning processes to enterprise needs by automating the procurement forecasting process.

KBP Audit Readiness Icon KBP Audit Readiness Icon

IT Audit Readiness

From Scope to Evidence

Automate audit readiness and compliance validation

Streamline audit-readiness and compliance-validation processes by automating data correlation, policy-based monitoring and remediation tasks. This enables organizations to more easily, accurately and consistently assess controls, identify exposures and mitigate violations. Plus, it reduces audit delays, gaps, costs and penalties.

KBP Software SaaS Icon KBP Software SaaS Icon

Software/SaaS Management

From Discovery to Optimization

Optimize SaaS license utilization

Automate SaaS lifecycle processes to improve utilization, mitigate cyber risk and eliminate wasteful spend. Enable IT teams to centrally manage, govern and optimize SaaS licenses used by employees. Reduce security, operational and financial risks associated with SaaS, such as underutilization, overspend, application redundancies, incomplete offboarding and non-compliance.

Seeing is Believing

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