Field Device Management

The surge of field devices and deskless workers in essential industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, construction, retail and hospitality poses significant challenges for IT departments tasked with managing a diverse array of field technologies.



of the global workforce does not sit behind a desk to do their jobs¹


of deskless workers spend most of their time at work using technology²


lack satisfaction or feel there is room for improvement in the tech they use²

Effective Field Device Management for Your Deskless Workforce

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions enable you to scale across your deskless workforce to manage field technologies and automate IT processes, thereby improving efficiency, security, compliance, IT spend management and experiences in field environments.
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“Oomnitza's approach of being agentless has allowed us to pull data from multiple sources and leverage all the agents that we have in a clinical environment. We went from not knowing where everything was or what everything was, to actually having eyes on all assets. This visibility is priceless. We're able to get the reports we need and automate processes for procurement, security, compliance and even tax regulations.”


  • Untracked or non-updated devices heighten the risk of malware and cyberattacks which can negatively impact the organization's reputation
  • Non-compliance with regulations can lead to legal repercussions and fines
  • Outdated or malfunctioning devices can drastically reduce employee productivity
  • Poor lifecycle management often results in unnecessary purchases and inefficiencies
  • IT departments bogged down with maintenance, diverting resources from strategic initiatives

Rapid Adoption of Field Devices and Technology

From special-purpose tablets and mobile phones, to point-of-sale systems, rugged devices and even drones, field devices and other tech are integral to daily operations and enhance customer experiences, improve service levels and drive innovation in field environments.

Effectively managing, securing and optimizing these devices is essential, as failure to do so can result in serious operational, security, and financial risks. While 70% of the 2.7 billion deskless employees believe that more tech would help them do their jobs better1, they feel insufficiently supported in the technology they currently use.

Challenges in Managing a Large Fleet of Field Technologies

Managing a large and diverse array of field devices introduces several unique challenges for IT departments.

Lifecycle Management

From provisioning for new employees, to tracking their location, and de-provisioning/retiring them at end-of-life or employee offboarding.

Compliance Management

Navigating evolving industry regulations and ensuring all devices comply with relevant regulations, standards and company policies.

Security and Updates

Ensuring up-to-date security across diverse devices, operating systems and applications, along with safeguarding sensitive and customer data.

Support and Experience

Providing timely support and robust remote troubleshooting for a wide array of devices to ensure employee productivity and optimal experience.

Businesses that want to improve operations, enhance user and customer experience, and reduce administrative overhead for their deskless and mobile workforce need purpose-built tools.

Empower Your Deskless Workforce with Better Field Device Management

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions provide an integrated approach for managing remote, mobile and field technologies across a hybrid workforce. Capabilities include:

  • Centralized Technology Database (TDB) of all hardware and software technologies for accurate inventory controls, ensuring no field or mobile device goes untracked.
  • Low-code/no-code workflows and pre-packaged workflow applications that are easily configured for your needs, to manage lifecycle tasks, assess compliance, remediate issues and improve user experience.
  • Connector integrations with 160+ IT, security and business systems to discover, aggregate, normalize and enrich technology data for a trusted, single source of truth and to streamline audit preparation tasks.
  • Powerful business intelligence, notifications and reporting for improved decision-making and increased agility in fast-paced and time-sensitive field environments.


  • Automation boosts efficiency by streamlining device management, reducing downtime and freeing IT for other tasks
  • Enhanced security against cyber threats through policy enforcement, timely updates, and continuous monitoring
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements, data privacy and protection standards
  • Cost savings through proactive maintenance, optimal use of hardware and software licenses, and rightsizing purchases
  • Better employee experience and customer satisfaction with reliable, well-managed field devices and fewer technical glitches

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