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64% of organizations lack accurate inventory controls for their technology assets1, and have poor insight into asset ownership, location, security posture, lifecycle state and warranty/end-of-life dates. This impacts their ability to orchestrate timely and efficient technology refreshes.

Lack of accurate inventory controls to identify and track all devices issued to users

Reliance on emails, tickets and spreadsheets to manage tech refresh cycles

Lack of process automation to orchestrate refresh and replacement of devices

Improve Technology Refresh Processes with Oomnitza

Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions allow IT teams to move away from inefficient, manual methods such as emails, spreadsheets, and service tickets for managing refresh cycles, and towards automating key elements of the refresh process, thereby boosting productivity, minimizing downtime, and ultimately delivering a superior user experience.
30 Percent Accuracy Blue 30 Percent Accuracy Blue

improvement in budgeting
accuracy and forecasting

45 Percent Spend Blue 45 Percent Spend Blue

decrease in stockouts, overstocks
and emergency IT purchases

ETM solutions overcome the limitations of traditional CMDB, ITSM and ITAM products to address the challenges of managing technology refresh cycles in today’s dynamic enterprise environments.
Procurement Workflow Procurement Workflow

The Importance of Timely Technology Refresh Cycles

Timely refresh of technology devices and assets is crucial for enterprises to maintain best-in-class user experience, operational efficiency and a competitive advantage. Up-to-date technology ensures that employees are equipped with the latest tools to maximize productivity and innovate effectively. This not only enhances user experience but also helps in attracting and retaining top talent who expect modern and efficient work environments.

Additionally, newer devices typically offer enhanced security features, vital in protecting against evolving cyber threats. Regular refresh cycles also prevent the costly downtimes and maintenance issues associated with aging hardware. By staying current with technology, enterprises can ensure compliance with the latest industry standards and regulations, reducing legal and financial risks.

Technology Refresh Cycles Technology Refresh Cycles

Technology Refresh Challenges in Dynamic Enterprise Environments

Traditional IT Asset Management (ITAM) and CMDB-based ITSM solutions usually fall short in enabling organizations to manage timely and efficient technology refreshes.

  • Inconsistent inventory controls and incomplete information about device warranty and end of life dates
  • Back-and-forth communication with end-users, manual approvals and cumbersome processes that delay technology refreshes
  • Impact on user experience and productivity due to missed/ delayed refresh cycles and prolonged use of outdated tech
  • Inaccurate inventory levels leading to excess stock that locks up capital or insufficient stock that delays device provisioning
IT teams often resort to emails, spreadsheets, service tickets and manual processes to identify assets to be refreshed, request users to select replacements, get approval from stakeholders, order and maintain correct inventory levels, and provision new devices for employees.
  • Single system for tracking all technology assets, their users, lifecycle stage, warranties and end of life dates
  • Automated workflows to replace end-of-life, lost or stolen devices, with integrated end-user request portal and approval routing
  • Improved user experience and productivity by provisioning faster refreshes and minimizing downtime/maintenance issues
  • Better compliance with regulations relating to data protection, legal hold, secure wipe and device disposal
  • Data-driven demand forecasting, budget allocation and inventory management eliminating overstocks, stockouts and emergency technology purchases

Automate Technology Refreshes with Enterprise Technology Management

Ensure best-in-class user experience with accurate inventory controls, cradle-to-grave asset lifecycle management and automated technology refresh workflows.

Accurate inventory controls across all assets in a unified technology database (TDB), leveraging pre-packaged integrations with 160+ IT, security and business systems for comprehensive visibility, ensuring no asset goes untracked.

  • End-to-end technology lifecycle management with a complete manifest of all tech assets assigned to a user, their location lifecycle stage, warranty information and end-of-life dates.
  • Low-code/no-code workflows to automate the entire refresh cycle from identifying devices reaching their warranty/ end-of-life dates, enabling users to select authorized replacements via an end-user request portal, automating approval processes, provisioning new devices and retrieving/disposing old devices in a compliant manner.
  • Powerful business intelligence for data-driven forecasting, budgeting, procurement and inventory management to optimize IT spend and avoid excess or insufficient stock.
  1. TechValidate Survey of Oomnitza users

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