Oomnitza provides an Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your technology assets and automate critical IT processes so you can reduce reliance on tickets, increase efficiency, mitigate security and compliance risks and eliminate redundant IT spend.

Workflow Automation Diagram Workflow Automation Diagram
  • Improve visibility across your entire enterprise technology landscape
  • Enhance data hygiene and inventory controls for audits
  • Automate IT processes with pre-built applications and low-code workflows
  • Accelerate results and achieve outcomes in months, not years
DONT Struggle DONT Struggle

The growing number of disparate systems that are needed to manage your expanding enterprise technology portfolio create data silos. Consequently, you are unable to gain comprehensive visibility and control over your technology portfolio without massive manual effort. CMDBs don’t cover your entire technology landscape and are often incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.


Oomnitza integrates with your existing IT, security and business systems to create a unified asset inventory, eliminating the data fragmentation, inaccuracies and discrepancies that exist due to siloed management tools, enabling you to run your business on a trusted system of record.


Complex IT environments make it increasingly difficult to orchestrate workflows across the multiple systems needed to manage your technology portfolio. Fragmented and piecemeal workflows increase reliance on tickets and resource-intensive, manual tasks to deliver business outcomes. No wonder, IT teams tend to fall behind in completing strategic business projects.


Oomnitza provides pre-packaged automation applications and low-code/no-code workflows to orchestrate actions across your existing enterprise tools so you can eliminate error-prone, manual tasks, reduce ticket volume and stop wasting time on custom IT projects, enabling teams to focus on strategic, impactful work.

The Oomnitza Platform

Oom Marketecture V2 Oom Marketecture V2
  • Agentless, SaaS solution
  • Extensive integration catalog
  • Low-code/no-code workflows
  • Pre-built automation applications
  • Flexible & extensible data model
  • Scalable, enterprise-class solution

Rapid Deployment with Enterprise Scale


Technology processes


Data source

1 M+

Assets managed in
largest deployment

1 M+

Workflow runs
per day

Benefits across the organization

It Operations Screenshot Fixed It Operations Screenshot Fixed

Accelerate IT automation, improve productivity and user experience

Oomnitza automates common IT processes for asset management, employee onboarding and offboarding, IT audit readiness, SaaS lifecycle management and more. This enables organizations to increase IT efficiency, reduce costs, ensure productivity and improve user experience, while allowing IT teams to focus on more strategic business priorities.

Security Screenshot Security Screenshot

Mitigate security gaps in common IT processes and reduce risk

You can’t secure or protect what you can’t see or manage. Oomnitza gives you multi-source visibility and asset inventory across your hardware, software, virtual and cloud assets so you can identify security gaps, detect non-compliance and automate remediation workflows. Enforce security controls during onboarding, offboarding and internal moves.

Auditcomp Screenshot Auditcomp Screenshot

Streamline and automate compliance and audit preparation tasks

Oomnitza gives you a consolidated hardware and software asset inventory along with the state of all assets, which is a foundational requirement for all IT audits. Reduce time and effort by automating compliance assessment, remediation workflows and evidence collection tasks to ensure audit accuracy and timeliness and avoid fines and failures.

Financeproc Screenshot Financeproc Screenshot

Improve procurement forecasting and eliminate redundant IT spend

Oomnitza automates lifecycle management processes for all technology assets from purchase to end-of-life to improve IT budgeting, forecasting and procurement. Monitor utilization, identify redundancies, overspend and cost savings, manage refreshes and renewals, improve negotiating leverage and optimize purchasing schedules.

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