Enterprise Technology Management

Manage all the hardware and software assets in your technology portfolio from a single integrated view.

Manage the lifecycle of all your technology assets with Oomnitza’s agentless solution for endpoints (laptops, mobile devices, monitors, peripherals, and accessories), software (desktop, cloud, virtual machines), and users. Learn how in our 7-minute demo video!

Instant visibility into who has what technology where

The days of having to jump from one IT asset silo to another in support of users or workflows are over. 

With our Enterprise Technology Management solution, you get real-time, lifecycle status of all your assets, to detect anomalies as they happen. Keep technical and financial data tightly in synch while managing your entire portfolio from a single integrated view.

Central to this approach are security considerations, including:

  • Tracking who is using what, where, when, and how
  • Immediately identifying the use of unapproved software 
  • Automatically removing access and reclaiming licenses for off-boarded employees
  • Ensuring security and privacy rules are enforced
  • Enforcing security group rules for cloud instances
  • Intelligently grouping desktop software versions to reduce risk from older versions

Keeping your technology portfolio secure is our product mission.

We offer asset modules for hardware and software, as well as enablement modules that support everything you require in today’s modern enterprise.

Asset Modules

Enablement Modules

Enablement modules bring cross-asset support capabilities to your entire technology portfolio. This provides integration across all hardware and software variants for your business workflows, covering contracts, audits, users, stockroom support, location information, reporting, processes, and user roles.


Scrupulous adherence to contract terms can save you significant money, avoid expensive true-ups, and provide much tighter control over an increasingly dynamic process. With Oomnitza, you can:

  • Track, optimize and centralize contracts
  • Stay operationally secure and efficient
  • Ensure complete visibility into all SaaS purchases
  • Improve the SaaS renewal process
  • Manage your vendors more effectively
  • Eliminate the purchase of redundant applications
  • Reclaim software and hardware licenses during off-boarding


Efficient user management can mean the difference between happy, productive employees and frustrated, unproductive ones. Oomnitza tracks all IT assets through their entire lifecycles, and ties assets to individual users and the workflows they support.

  • Track device assignments to users across each product’s lifecycle
  • Tie applications to users through contract terms
  • Monitor individual use of cloud and SaaS resources
  • Manage users’ interactions with system resources at a granular level
  • Never have your employees experience an unexpected expiration of critical software


With Oomnitza, you can instantly see which assets are where, which can have significant implications for Finance, HR, Audit and Security requirements. With Oomnitza’s configurable dashboard and continuous updates, you can track:

  • Tax status of specific assets as they transit through the on-boarding process
  • Location of specific assets tied to users who may be working remotely, which has both finance and security implications
  • The location of all critical data sets and their associated systems, as well as the security associated with those assets
  • Anomalous user behavior by location (e.g., is your San Francisco-based CFO suddenly logging in from North Korea at 3 am?)


Workflow automation is what enables Enterprise Technology Management at scale. Our workflows are bi-directional and use RESTful APIs. We use a no-code approach to empower your workflow logic, for software developers and business analysts. Workflow capabilities include the following:

  • Define triggering criteria or schedule for workflows
  • View granular details of workflows including workflow instance history and change history
  • Design workflows through a simple, elegant, drag and drop interface
  • Add and edit workflow processing blocks, including notifications, decisions, approval steps, external APIs and more
  • Leverage a set of 100’s of ready to use presets for integrations with 3rd party systems like GSuite, AWS, ticketing systems, SaaS Systems and more


The IT audit is an inevitable part of any IT manager’s life. This is becoming increasingly important as the regulatory framework (CCPA/CPRA, SOC2, GDPR, etc.) continues to expand. Gain a complete and up-to-the-moment understanding of what information is kept in what system.

  • Audits can be as simple as a one-click configuration setting
  • Answers that previously took weeks can now be delivered in minutes
  • Audit results can be retained and made available for historical review and include an accept/reject feature
  • Our customers have saved enough through one Oomnitza-enabled audit to pay for the cost of the system


The only thing worse than running out of a critical asset is having an unneeded surplus. With Oomnitza, you have the ability to set the minimum and maximum thresholds for each asset and accessory type and receive proactive notifications and alerts as those thresholds are approached or exceeded.

  • Set a “replenish by” quantity for each asset and accessory type
  • Support a physical inventory of accessory items
  • Report quantities that do not match the “single source of truth” in Oomnitza.
  • Receive workflow-generated alerts and notifications as stock levels change
  • Automatically identify undesired activity, such as if an employee requests too many high-value accessories at one time
  • Receive a list of all allocated assets and accessories for each off-boarded employee


Oomnitza provides highly configurable reporting options to meet auditing and compliance requirements, including those imposed by regulations such as GDPR, SOC-2, CCPA/CPRA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and by IPO readiness.

  • Oomnitza lets you create reports quickly and easily to meet continuously evolving compliance requirements
  • Reports are highly configurable and can be saved as templates for future audits
  • Nearly any variable can be used to generate widgets that provide immediate visualization of your technology portfolio, including:
    • Asset distribution and/or model by location
    • Deployed assets without assignees
    • Purchase price by asset type or model
    • Software contracts by volume
    • Spend by vendor
    • Upcoming end of life
    • SaaS spend and category distribution


Oomnitza supports role-based access control. You can restrict software access rights based on each user’s credentials and needs, including authentication protocols and type, while creating a complete mirror of all users in all SaaS systems. This enables you to see if:

  • The right person is logging into the right system
  • People are accessing authorized applications
  • Workgroups are in the appropriate cloud instance
  • New employees are added to the right permissions and workflows
  • Off-boarded employees are quickly disengaged from the relevant systems, as well as any downstream systems 

Learn more in our 7-minute demo video!


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