Technology Asset Management

As IT environments become more complex, you use a greater variety of tools to manage your digital infrastructure. While these tools serve legitimate specialized needs, they also create data and process silos that impact your ability to get enterprise-wide visibility and control of your technology assets without resource-intensive, manual processes. Not surprisingly, 64% of organizations lack the foundational visibility and inventory of their hardware, software, virtual and cloud assets. Asset lifecycle management in the modern enterprise has become an onerous and challenging task due to:

Siloed Tools and Teams

With 50+ management tools on average, 32% of organizations use 11 or more tools/databases for audits and 40% have accuracy issues due to conflicting data from different tools.

Manual Processes

70% of IT teams struggle with time-consuming manual processes for managing technology assets and to get insight into their ownership, state, location, security posture and lifecycle context.

CMDB Accuracy Woes

Only 25% of organizations receive meaningful value from their CMDB due to incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information, and lack of coverage for SaaS, cloud and ephemeral assets.

Modern Asset Management with Oomnitza

82 Percent Inventory Blue 82 Percent Inventory Blue

achieved unified and centralized technology inventory

70 Percent Time Blue 70 Percent Time Blue

reduction in time preparing for technology audits

64 Percent Ticket Blue 64 Percent Ticket Blue

decrease in ticket volume for technology asset management

47 Percent Support Blue 47 Percent Support Blue

improved service desk response time with better asset context

Oomnitza’s agentless modern asset management integrates with your existing IT, security and business systems to discover and aggregate multi-source data and deliver a unified technology inventory across endpoints, software/SaaS, cloud, networking, accessories and other digital assets. It serves as a central hub to manage the lifecycle of your technology assets using low-code/no-code workflows to automate processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding, IT audit readiness, procurement forecasting and more.

  • Overcome siloed tools and fragmented data to get visibility over your entire technology portfolio
  • Automate lifecycle workflows for on/offboarding, IT audit prep, procurement forecasting and more
  • Achieve high levels of data hygiene and accuracy for better cross-functional decision making
  • Share asset context to improve the performance and ROI of your existing tools and services
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheet analysis, service tickets and error-prone, manual tasks
It Operations Screenshot Fixed It Operations Screenshot Fixed

Manage Technology Lifecycles from Purchase to End-of-Life

Tech Lifecycle Diagram Tech Lifecycle Diagram

Traditional asset management focuses on counting and tracking assets for inventory and accounting purposes.

Modern asset management enables you to automate workflows for end-to-end asset lifecycle management across hardware, software/SaaS, virtual and cloud assets so you have unparalleled insight into their ownership, state, location, security posture and lifecycle context at all times.

  • Improve procurement forecasting, purchasing schedules and IT budgeting accuracy
  • Provision/deprovision assets for onboarding, offboarding, tech refresh, internal moves etc.
  • Monitor utilization and compliance, remediate security gaps and be audit-ready at all times
  • Track and document EOL and disposal, identify redundancies, rightsize renewals and refreshes

Power Lifecycle Workflows with Modern Asset Management

Workflow Automation Diagram V2 Workflow Automation Diagram V2

The Oomnitza Advantage

and Aggregate

We integrate with 160+ systems without installing new agents to discover and aggregate asset data from your existing technology management tools and give you a single, unified view of your enterprise technology landscape.

and Enrich

We enable you to reconcile multi-source asset data and remove redundancies and inconsistencies between disparate systems. Then enrich the data with information from additional data sources so you’re always audit ready.

Lifecycle Workflows

Armed with accurate, high-fidelity asset data, we enable you to confidently automate your IT processes using low-code workflows, such as on/offboarding, IT audit readiness, SaaS management, procurement forecasting and more.


We enable you to share reliable asset data from this system-of-record with your other systems such as CMDB, ITSM, procurement and financial management, HRIS and more, to enhance their ROI and improve decision making.

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