Who We Are

We’re a group of curious, passionate individuals who believe in maximizing human potential by simplifying the complex. We bring our diverse perspectives to the table, ask all the questions, and encourage each other as we develop solutions.

We realize human potential by simplifying the complex.

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What We Do

Information Technology is growing exponentially, now vastly outnumbering people in many companies. We manage technology through process automation so that people can focus on higher level creative endeavors that computers can’t do. We make work better by allowing people to focus where they can be their best.

Where We’re Located

Oomnitza is a remote-first company with employees around the globe.

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What Our Employees Are Saying

"Oomnitza is so interesting in the way the product is simplifying processes and centralizing information which is something that I love...I enjoy the culture that includes a spirit of working hard together, helping each other, and also very close relationships despite the remote environment."

Rodrigo Vaamonde
Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Rodrigo Vaamonde Rodrigo Vaamonde
"Working at Oomnitza is engaging and fun, I cross collaborate with multiple teams all of whom are knowledgeable and professional. My team is great. They are agile and nimble and take advantage of every opportunity in this exciting, new category."

Samantha Larson
Vice President of Growth

Samantha Larson Samantha Larson
"The really cool thing about working here for 7 years is that I can see the improvement...I appreciate the level of transparency and collaboration, and people here are willing to help each other to the degree that I think is uncommon at other companies."

Chien-Pin (Isaac) Tung
Software Engineer

Isaac Tung Isaac Tung
"Oomnitza's culture is fun but also hard working. It's nice to work together as a team and see the changes we're making in the product and how we're adding business value. One of the best things is that everyone is so approachable and helpful."

Christina Morrissey
Agile Product Owner

Christina Morrissey Christina Morrissey

Why You’ll Love it Here

We offer competitive compensation and many benefits that include but are not limited to:

Comprehensive Benefits

This includes Medical, Dental and Vision for all of our employees (and their families!) across the globe.

Professional Development

We care about growth, and provide an annual allowance for all employees to continue developing their skills.

Stock Options

We reward all employees with stock options as part of their compensation package.

Home Office Reimbursement

In addition to the laptop and accessories we provide, all new hires receive a one-time reimbursement for setting up their home office.

UpClose Image Careers
UpClose Image Careers
UpClose Image Careers

Want to Join the Team?

Take a look at our open positions. We'd love to have you onboard!