CMDB Enrichment and Hygiene

Deploying and effectively utilizing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) comes with many challenges, particularly in the areas of data accuracy and hygiene. Managing the complexities of asset discovery, data synchronization and integration with multiple systems can be a daunting task, especially when many of these processes are manual and labor intensive. This can result in discrepancies between the CMDB and actual infrastructure, impacting the overall effectiveness of IT and security operations.

Accuracy and Completeness

75% of CMDB initiatives fail due to inadequate focus on data accuracy, process standardization, and staff skills.

Synchronization and Integration

51% of IT professionals say that data synchronization across systems and applications is a significant challenge.

Implementation Complexity

54% of organizations find the implementation of CMDB tools complex, labor intensive and time consuming.

CMDB Enrichment with Oomnitza

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, managing and maintaining accurate asset and CMDB data is important for organizations to optimize their IT service management processes and achieve greater operational efficiency. By leveraging Oomnitza's technology asset management solution, you can automatically enrich your CMDB with comprehensive, accurate, and actionable asset data. The result is reduced reliance on manual tasks, greater alignment between asset data and your actual infrastructure, and more effective IT management processes.

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Why is CMDB Enrichment Important?

As IT environments become more complex with growing numbers and variety of endpoints, users, software/SaaS and cloud instances, it becomes more difficult to maintain good CMDB hygiene. Multiple data sources cause duplication, inconsistencies, and data inaccuracy. Missing configuration items (CIs), which can include valuable asset information such as ownership, warranty, location and more, lessen the value of the CMDB as an investigation, analysis and decision making tool.

Often IT teams resort to manually pulling information from multiple sources, aggregating it painstakingly via spreadsheets, and contacting people to reconcile duplicate entries or populate gaps. Not surprisingly, the accuracy of most CMDBs hovers around 60% and only 25% of organizations are receiving meaningful value from their CMDB investments.

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Improve Your CMDB Data Hygiene

Oomnitza aggregates, correlates and deduplicates asset data from over 160 IT, security and business systems to provide a singular, credible view into any asset. It then pushes data to your CMDB to increase and maintain accuracy of all configuration item (CI) records. This helps you gain a clearer and more detailed understanding of your IT assets and their state, resulting in improved decision making, incident response, problem resolution, spend optimization and change management processes.

The Oomnitza Advantage

With Oomnitza's bi-directional communication between your CMDB and 1500 integration points across more than 160 technology partners, you can:

Enhance Visibility and Control

Gain a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, including assets, configuration, and relationships to identify potential risks and optimize resources.

Improve IT Service Management

Create a solid foundation for incident, problem, and change management processes for faster root cause analysis and faster incident resolution.

Reduce downtime and business impact

Proactively implement preventative measures to minimize downtime, mitigate risks, and help prevent costly disruptions.

Increase IT agility and efficiency

Enable effective planning and execution of IT projects, service transitions, and resource allocations.

Audit readiness and compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and have the data at your fingertips to demonstrate compliance with industry standards, policies, and regulations.

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Leverage the tools you already have

Oomnitza integrates with over 160 IT, security and business systems to aggregate, correlate and normalize multi-source data and orchestrate actions across your existing tools with 1500+ pre-built connectors.

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