Oomnitza offers a versatile and automated Enterprise Technology Management platform that delivers multi-source visibility and control across endpoints, software, infrastructure and cloud. We help some of the most well-known and innovative companies optimize business resources, mitigate cyber risk, expedite audits and fortify digital experience.

Featured Customer Stories

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"Thanks to Oomnitza's Active Directory integration and excellent customer support, our Asset Management team was able to shave off almost 30 hours per week by eliminating manual processes, reducing research time, and implementing automated workflows and reports, thus enabling a more efficient work process."

Josette Contreras
IT Manager/Architect, DC Government,
Office of the Chief Financial Officer

What Our Customers Are Saying

G2 5stars G2 5stars

Full featured, flexible solution

"Oomnitza has been tremendously helpful in managing our computer fleet and allowing our service desk team to be more efficient and provide higher quality service."

-IT Admin, Transportation & Logistics Services

G2 5stars G2 5stars

Very impressed!

"The workflows in Oomnitza allow you to work smarter, not harder. It's completely changed our approach to asset management keeping it truly dynamic and automated."

-Administrator, Regional Banking/Financial Services

G2 45stars G2 45stars

One of the best solutions I've used

"Managing assets from different sources was a major issue. With Oomnitza, we can track and manage the entirety of our IT asset infrastructure from a single pane of glass, including hardware, software and Cloud resources."

-Administrator in Information Technology & Services

GartnerPeerInsights 5stars GartnerPeerInsights 5stars

Best Data Driven Inventory Tool on the Market

"Wish we would have found this tool four years earlier - we had a lot of wasted time trying to get the last few tools and in-house apps to work."

-IT Manager
Large US Retailer

G2 5stars G2 5stars

A Modern Approach to Asset Management

"Being SaaS-based and agentless, Oomnitza is a very low administrative application for IT teams. The integrations are turn-key solutions. The dashboards and block building for automation are leading edge. Customer Service is excellent."

-Head of Infrastructure & Compliance
Information Technology

G2 5stars G2 5stars

Top Notch System with Great Support Team Behind It

"Oomnitza is easily the best asset management tool I have used and has helped us streamline our entire IT asset management process. Our confidence in having accurate data is higher than ever."

-Senior System Administrator
Information Technology

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