CHG Healthcare Customer Story

CHG Healthcare's Journey to Enterprise Technology Management with Oomnitza

"Implementing Oomnitza has been transformational. With Oomnitza in place, our team feels more organized and capable of promptly addressing questions. It has truly been a game changer for us."

Mike Sizemore
Director of IT
CHG Healthcare

CHG Healthcare Business Profile

Annual Revenue:
1.1 Billion

Technology Assets:
6,000 hardware, software and cloud

Midvale, Utah and in 48 states

Fortune magazine’s
"100 Best Companies
to Work For"



The reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets for managing enterprise technology assets led to several challenges:

  • Difficulty in preparing for IT audits and validating compliance with NIST, SOC-2, and HIPPA due to inaccurate inventory controls.
  • Inefficient use of a limited IT budget, characterized by struggles in reclaiming, repurposing, and redeploying assets, such as paying for unused software licenses and poorly recovering laptops from former employees.
  • Challenges in providing accurate and up-to-date asset data, essential for effective management and optimal usage of technology assets, with the added objective to reduce waste, losses, and theft.


Oomnitza’s ETM solution has markedly enhanced the visibility and control of technology assets, offering:

  • Unified, single pane of glass visibility, replacing the need to gather data from various scattered sources, including spreadsheets and numerous IT systems.
  • Advanced planning and forecasting capabilities, enabled by readily accessible, up-to-date technology asset data with just a few clicks.
  • Strengthened security posture, acting as a bridge between various security tools, while delivering a more comprehensive view of the security landscape and compliance adherence.
  • User-friendly operation, with only minimal instruction needed to proficiently navigate and use Oomnitza’s ETM solution.

Executive Summary

CHG Healthcare, a leader in healthcare staffing, faced the challenge of managing its vast array of technology assets using outdated, manual methods. This led to inefficiencies in asset management, challenges in meeting compliance requirements, and difficulties in reclaiming and redeploying assets effectively. By implementing Oomnitza's Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution, CHG Healthcare was able to transform its approach to technology asset management. Oomnitza's ETM solution offered a single source of truth system for technology assets, along with real-time visibility and improved data accuracy. This allowed for advanced planning and forecasting, a strengthened security posture, and simplified IT processes, leading to a substantial return on investment and enhanced operational efficiency. The success of the Oomnitza ETM implementation is evident in the significantly improved management of CHG's technology assets, making IT operations more agile and responsive to the needs of the business.

"Personally, this is precisely the solution I envisioned bringing to CHG from my first day. Additionally, Oomnitza has enabled our team to track assets and software, while also providing the crucial link to our ticketing system that was missing. We are delighted with our choice of Oomnitza and consider them part of our family."

Chris Snyder
Desktop Engineer I, Information Technology
CHG Healthcare

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About CHG Healthcare

CHG Healthcare is a leader in healthcare staffing and the nation's largest provider of locum tenens services. CHG comprises five respected healthcare staffing brands: CompHealth, Weatherby Healthcare, RNnetwork and Global Medical Staffing, and two technology companies: Modio Health and LocumsMart. They have been included on Fortune magazine’s list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" each year for more than a decade. With a commitment to Putting People First, they have created strong ties with local communities. Last year, CHG employees volunteered more than 10,000 hours of company-paid time to serve causes they're passionate about. CHG is headquartered in Midvale, Utah, and employs more than 3,800 people in 48 states.

The Burden of Manual Processes

CHG Healthcare, renowned as the nation's largest physician staffing company and celebrated as one of Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT for 2024, encountered various asset management and compliance challenges. Amidst nearly 20% yearly growth and transitioning to a mobile workforce during the pandemic, Mike Sizemore, the Director of IT, and his team managed about 6,000 hardware, software, and cloud assets, mainly using spreadsheets. This method led to inefficient data management and difficulties in consolidating information, grappling with data fragmentation and struggling to piece everything together. Consequently, CHG Healthcare implemented a significant change by adopting the Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution, including asset management, from Oomnitza.

Prior to Oomnitza ETM, CHG heavily relied on manual, labor-intensive methods for managing their enterprise technology assets. These processes, ranging from updating inventory to conducting audits for specific items, were time-consuming and involved pulling data from various isolated tools and creating reports.

For instance, locating an item often meant searching through Intune, checking Jira tickets, and verifying serial numbers with individuals. This proved especially difficult when tracking down equipment from former employees, requiring confirmation of asset possession, location, and correct repurposing.

Compliance Challenges and Inventory Control

For instance, locating an item typically involved an involved a manual process that included reviewing Intune records, examining Jira tickets, and confirming serial numbers. The procedure was even more detailed when it came to ensuring the proper management of equipment from departing employees, which necessitated a precise verification of the asset's status, its location, and its strategic reallocation.

Cost Management Hurdles

Inefficient asset management also challenged CHG's ability to forecast and optimize IT budget spending. Relying on spreadsheets, the IT team struggled to effectively reclaim, repurpose, and redeploy laptops, failing to fully utilize their lifecycle. For instance, difficulties retrieving equipment from departing employees was costing CHG tens of thousands of dollars annually. Additionally, without ready access to purchase and warranty information, communicating laptop replacement needs to employees was burdensome.

Overspending on Software Licenses

Budget wastage extended to software licenses due to a lack of visibility. CHG often issued more licenses than necessary or paid for unused licenses across various SaaS tools.

This issue also affected security tools, with IT and security teams finding it challenging to conduct independent audits to identify unused security licenses, partly due to conflicting asset data from different sources. Addressing discrepancies between security tools and ensuring a cohesive security strategy is crucial in protecting sensitive information.

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

The lack of accurate technology asset data presented a significant challenge for CHG leadership, as they were not receiving up-to-date information on the status of their technology asset investments – for instance through a single view dashboard of record. For CHG IT, it's essential to demonstrate a proper return on investment by ensuring optimized usage of assets throughout their full lifecycle, while simultaneously reducing waste, losses, and theft.

Game-Changing Outcomes

To address these challenges, CHG Healthcare implemented Oomnitza’s Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution for advanced technology asset management. Leveraging various Oomnitza connector integrations – including those with JAMF, JIRA, InTune, OKTA, SentinelOne, and Microsoft Azure – the CHG IT staff significantly improved visibility and accuracy in inventory controls across their entire technology landscape.

Single pane of glass visibility

CHG now benefits from a unified source for their technology assets, as opposed to accessing data scattered across multiple locations, including spreadsheets. That single pane of glass view, which includes IT workload automation capabilities, enables CHG’s IT staff to quickly access precisely what they need and proceed with their tasks seamlessly.

Planning and forecasting

This consolidated view also enhances CHG's planning and forecasting capabilities. It has streamlined their annual laptop replacement project, where approximately 25% of their fleet reaches its lifecycle end each year. With Oomnitza, the process is significantly simpler, enabling the creation of user-friendly dashboards for monitoring progress and providing real-time updates to senior leadership – a marked improvement over previous years without Oomnitza.

Ease of use

Speaking of which, this enhanced visibility is also very easy to use. No one needs to become an expert in creating complex searches or writing intricate selection code to gather the data they need. After just a few minutes of instruction, anyone can quickly learn how to find everything they need by simply knowing the fields they want to pull in.

Driver for enhanced security

Oomnitza ETM has also helped evolve CHG’s security posture. For instance, it has helped identify discrepancies between tools like SentinelOne and InTune. Oomnitza ETM serves as a bridge between these tools, allowing IT gain a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of CHG’s security landscape.

"The implementation of Oomnitza marked a turning point in our approach to endpoint security and compliance. With Oomnitza's Enterprise Technology Management solution, we gained a much better understanding of our security status and were able to expedite our compliance initiatives effectively. This strategic enhancement has been pivotal in strengthening our overall compliance framework."

Nate Smith
Senior Manager
CHG Healthcare

  • Microsoft Azure
  • JIRA
  • JAMF
  • OKTA
  • SentinelOne
  • InTune
  • Slack
  • Miro
  • Salesforce
  • OKTA
  • SmartSheets
Increased Service Desk transparency

Oomnitza's ETM solution has enhanced the transparency of the Service Desk function, the primary point of entry for all IT service requests and incidents. By integrating a plugin in JIRA that collaborates seamlessly with Oomnitza, the Service Desk team gains access to crucial information, such as computer make and model, manager details, and warranty dates, which are automatically identified and populated. This integration has introduced new efficiencies in the ticketing process, enabling quicker access to necessary device and user information.

Improved Employee Experience

Furthermore, Oomnitza ETM has unveiled trends into user issues that might have previously gone unnoticed, aiding IT in delivering improved employee experiences. CHG IT has also highlighted the ease with which additional tracking fields can be added within Oomnitza by the IT team as very beneficial and immediately impactful, contrasting with the extended turnaround times often required for vendors to incorporate custom fields into their products.

Improved stewards of technology asset investments

Also from a leadership perspective, the ability to catalog the entire fleet and maintain a centralized repository for all technology assets has been invaluable. Oomnitza ETM serves as a dependable source for resolving queries related to technology assets.

It also helps communicate to senior leadership IT as responsible stewards of both the investment in the asset management system and the budget allocated for managing the technology asset fleet. This is crucial for demonstrating a proper return on investment by ensuring optimal usages throughout all technology asset full lifecycles, as well as reducing waste, losses, and theft.

Traveling along the ETM Customer Journey

CHG Healthcare began implementing Oomnitza’s ETM solution by initially concentrating on the hardware aspect of its technology assets. This process involved defining specific procedures and determining which KPIs to monitor using Oomnitza. Following this, CHG adopted a similar strategy for incorporating software assets.

And this just marks the beginning for CHG leveraging Oomnitza’s ETM application to tune and automate its IT processes and workflows. Moving forward, CHG Healthcare intends to deploy additional pre-packaged Oomnitza ETM Workflow Applications to help further eliminate manual processes and streamline its automation initiatives.

On a final note, the successful integration of Oomnitza at CHG has been partly due to a cultural shift. Introducing any new application requires adaptation, and Mike Sizemore has been instrumental in integrating Oomnitza into his staff’s daily routines. This transition marks a significant change for his team, evolving from a lack of structured processes to employing a comprehensive inventory and asset management system.

In return, this experience has proven invaluable to the CHG’s IT team. ETM from Oomnitza offers them opportunities to learn new technologies and grow. They've derived significant value from this, enhancing their overall experience and fostering both personal and team growth.

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