Case Study

CHG Healthcare Case Study

CHG Healthcare, a leader in healthcare staffing, faced the challenge of managing its vast array of technology assets using outdated, manual methods. This led to inefficiencies in asset management, challenges in meeting compliance requirements, and difficulties in reclaiming and redeploying assets effectively. By implementing Oomnitza’s Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solution, CHG Healthcare was able to transform its approach to technology asset management. Oomnitza’s ETM solution offered a single source of truth system for technology assets, along with real-time visibility and improved data accuracy. This allowed for advanced planning and forecasting, a strengthened security posture, and simplified IT processes, leading to a substantial return on investment and enhanced operational efficiency. The success of the Oomnitza ETM implementation is evident in the significantly improved management of CHG’s technology assets, making IT operations more agile and responsive to the needs of the business.