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Accurate, actionable, and comprehensive technology data is foundational for most compliance standards and for automating your IT processes. Oomnitza discovers, aggregates, correlates and enriches data from your existing systems to create a unified technology asset database. With data you can trust, you can get better business insights, improve decision making and automate your IT processes with confidence.

Build upon your existing infrastructure

You have spent years building your IT environment from the datacenter to the cloud and edge. Oomnitza is a technology agnostic solution that seamlessly and efficiently deploys with your existing infrastructure. Oomnitza leverages REST APIs and provides 1500+ pre-built and fully-supported integration points with over 160 IT, security and business systems to serve as the foundation for your inventory controls.

Key Integrations Key Integrations
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Discover and Aggregate

You use a lot of tools to manage your technology portfolio. Our agentless and low-code architecture enables you to manage your technology estate easily, by identifying and aggregating asset information and state for your entire enterprise technology portfolio, including endpoints, software/SaaS applications, network devices, cloud infrastructure, users, locations, accessories and more. Our unified data model and extensibility ensures that you can easily aggregate inventory data from multiple sources to create a single system of record for all technology assets.

Correlate and Enrich

Data accuracy is vital for managing your enterprise technology. Unfortunately, data inconsistencies between disparate and siloed management systems are common. Oomnitza enables you to continuously reconcile multi-source technology information and resolve redundancies and inconsistencies to further improve data hygiene. After correlating data from disparate IT and security systems, we reach out to additional business systems and data sources to enrich the asset information, such as getting manufacturer warranty and end-of-life dates to give you a truly holistic technology inventory.

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Share Data Seamlessly

Your most important IT and business processes may go across different teams and systems, but they all have something in common - they all require accurate, actionable, and comprehensive asset data. Oomnitza creates a common system of record that can be shared with all other tools using our bi-directional integrations, to enhance the value you get from your existing systems, such as:

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Service Desk and Ticketing systems
  • Procurement and Financial management
  • Human Resources systems (HRIS, HCM)
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance management

The Oomnitza Advantage

Oomnitza’s robust low-code architecture, extensibility, and ease of use enables you to build a Modern Asset Management practice with configuration, not coding or custom IT projects.

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Data Model

Easily aggregate technology data from multiple sources to create a unified, accurate and actionable technology asset inventory

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Data Sources

Leverage 1500+ pre-built and fully-supported integration points across 160+ systems with the ability to easily add more

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Data Structure

Easily add and configure additional attributes including fields and objects to meet your business needs, without developer skills

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Capture additional information, facilitate data input, and trigger workflows with system and user-defined custom objects such as a survey form

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Automatically update your CMDB and other systems with accurate and comprehensive asset information to increase technology data hygiene

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