The Oomnitza Academy

Oomnitza’s Training and Certification Program

At Oomnitza, we recognize that our success depends on the ongoing success of our customers. And that to be successful, you need real-world knowledge and skills to leverage the power of our ETM platform to address a variety of use cases.

The Oomnitza Academy is your source for training and certification, so you can excel at using Oomnitza, get more value from your investment and achieve your IT efficiency, security, compliance, spend management and user experience goals. Plus, you’ll receive a digital badge upon completion, so you can easily share your achievements across social media profiles!

Oomnitza Academy provides a combination of self-service and instructor-led courses tailored to your specific needs and level of expertise.

These include:

  • Oomnitza Specialist
  • Oomnitza Executive
  • Oomnitza Engineer

Customers who enroll in Oomnitza Academy get access to ALL self-service training paths, with additional instructor-led trainings available for an additional fee.

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Training Courses

Oomnitza Specialist

Intended for a typical “End User” of Oomnitza. This tier covers the standard, non-technical usage necessary for success.

Duration: Self-service training materials + Certification Exam.

What's included:

  • Assets, Users, Locations, and navigating through the Oomnitza Interface
  • Dashboards, Widgets, and Saved Searches
  • Imports, Connectors, and Workflows
  • Roles and Permissions and Screen Builder
  • Lifecycle and Offboarding / Key Business Processes
  • Getting Help from Oomnitza
  • Ticketing Integration
  • Mobile App

Oomnitza Executive

This tier is aimed at executives who aren’t expected to use Oomnitza daily, but need the knowledge to pull reports, create dashboards and view key metrics at a moment’s notice.

Duration: Self-service training materials + Certification Exam.

What's included:

  • Reports, Widgets, Dashboards
  • Saved Searches
  • Workflow and Automation Overview
  • ETM Overview

Oomnitza Engineer

Intended for a typical Oomnitza Administrator, Oomnitza Engineer certification covers technical topics including Jinja2, Workflows, APIs, Low Code, and Flow Control.

Duration: Six 1-hour training sessions, delivered by Oomnitza Training Team + Certification Exam.

What's included:

Oomnitza Specialist Training Courses PLUS:

  • Low Code Theory
  • Jinja2 Deep Dive
  • Oomnitza APIs
  • End User Request Portal
  • Advanced Workflow Creation
  • Efficient Workflow Creation
  • Extending Oomnitza to Custom Objects

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Certification Badges

Customers who complete each course and pass an examination are rewarded with a digital badge that can be shared on platforms such as LinkedIn and used to demonstrate a transferable skill as they move between organizations that utilize Oomnitza or bring Oomnitza into new organizations.