Case Study

Intercom Case Study

Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform focusing on helping companies build better customer relationships. Intercom is in a hyper-growth phase, which correlates to a diverse and dynamic IT infrastructure, affecting multiple functional lines of business. In this case study, Intercom has created a unified view of all assets across five offices in three countries, while significantly improving compliance response.

The company's IT team, led by Fernandes, needed a scalable solution that could integrate asset tracking, automate key processes, and enhance audit and compliance procedures. Oomnitza's out-of-the-box integration and agentless discovery, along with seamless integration with Okta, emerged as key factors in their decision-making. The platform's extensibility through Python-based connectors allowed for future integrations with finance, procurement, and HR applications.

Oomnitza significantly improved Intercom's IT asset management by unifying data sources, reducing manual labor, and enhancing data hygiene. The platform streamlined compliance processes, enabling direct access for audit and compliance teams. Moreover, Oomnitza facilitated quicker ticket investigations, efficient onboarding of new IT employees, and reliable responses to GDPR requests.

Intercom's experience with Oomnitza resulted in tangible benefits, including the unification of all IT assets into a single system-of-record, streamlined compliance processes, reduced manual labor, improved data hygiene, simplified asset management tasks, and faster resolution of IT tickets. As a result, the company now navigates audits with ease, spends less time on IT asset management, and has increased confidence in its overall security posture. Oomnitza has become an integral part of Intercom's IT infrastructure, fostering efficiency, compliance, and confidence in their security stance.