Analyst Report

Technical Validation: Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management

Enterprise Strategy Group Report

Enterprises are consuming technology at an accelerating pace to drive innovation. The rapid adoption of remote work, cloud and SaaS introduces a greater variety of tools to manage increasingly hybrid, multi-vendor and dispersed environments. While reliance on these siloed tools is unavoidable, lack of coordination between these systems leads to fragmented visibility and business processes. Critical IT workflows are often performed with manual handoffs between teams and dependence on service tickets.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) examined Oomnitza’s Enterprise Technology Management solution which provides a high-fidelity technology asset inventory, lifecycle management and IT workflow automation. This Technical Validation focuses on Oomnitza’s automation of three critical IT business processes that span across multiple teams and tools:

  • Offboarding and onboarding
  • IT audit readiness and compliance
  • SaaS/software lifecycle management

ESG validated that Oomnitza’s modern asset management and workflow automation save companies time and money, while improving security and auditability. Download the full report to see how Oomnitza can help you eliminate manual processes and handoffs, reduce service ticket volume and errors, and free up valuable IT resources.