White Paper

Continuous Audit and Compliance Readiness & Enterprise Technology Management

ITOps, SecOps and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) staff use an array of tools and data to mitigate security posture exposures, ensure business resiliency and protect sensitive data. However, audit readiness and compliance validation remain a top, impactful enterprise challenge. 66% of organizations failed at least one audit over the last three years. With increased audit frequency and range needed to meet expanding internal, industry and regulated specifications, how can organizations reduce complications, delays and expenditures? More so, how can organizations progress towards continuous audit and compliance readiness by automating audit processes from Scope to Evidence?

Download the white paper and learn about these key topics:

  • Trends increasing audit and compliance complexity and effort
  • Top challenges due to audit data analytics deficiency and lack of automation
  • Mapping common compliance specifications and technical controls
  • Key steps for audit readiness and compliance validation workflows
  • How Oomnitza enables continuous audit and compliance readiness