On-Demand Webinar

Why, Where, and How to Automate Audit Readiness and Compliance Validation Processes

ITOps and SecOps use an array of tools and data to mitigate security posture exposures, ensure business resiliency, and protect sensitive data. However, audit readiness and compliance validation remain a top challenge.

Why? Asset intelligence, across the myriad of users, endpoints, applications, networks and cloud infrastructure, is siloed and fragmented. The higher order need to efficiently aggregate, correlate, and analyze the information is impacted by the disjointed data that exists within different divisions, departments and management tools. With increased audit frequency and scope to meet expanding internal, industry and regulated specifications – how can organizations reduce complications, delays, and expenditures?

Hear from David Neuman, senior analyst at Tag-Cyber at Tag-Cyber, Ken Pfeil Chief Data Officer, and Jon Davis, CISO at Oomnitza, as they examine the issues impacting audit readiness and compliance validation efficacy and where to apply business process automation to improve audit and compliance efficacy.

This expert / practitioner session reviews the operational considerations and means to modernize audit readiness and compliance validation processes. Key topics covered are:

  • Overcoming data acquisition and analysis gaps that yield audit and compliance exposures
  • How to apply ISO and CIS frameworks to facilitate more effective auditing processes
  • Mapping policies, technologies and controls for monitoring, investigation, resolution and reporting
  • Automating audit processes “from scoping to evidence generation” that enable repetitive, measurable outcomes
  • A platform approach to negate incomplete, inaccurate and outdated asset and security data