Video: Arthur Lozinski interview with TechStrong TV: Blind Spots Snapshot

Watch Oomnitza CEO, Arthur Lozinski, talk to Charlene O'Hanlon from TechStrong TV about 'Managing Technology Blind Spots and How IT Leaders are Responding'. Join Arthur as he shares valuable insights into the challenges posed by technology blind spots and the proactive strategies IT leaders are adopting to address them. As organizations navigate IT management, this discussion delves into the importance of visibility, strategic decision-making, and the role of technology in shaping the future of business operations. Gain a deeper understanding of how Oomnitza's solutions contribute to overcoming technology blind spots, empowering IT leaders to make informed decisions and optimize their technology ecosystems. Whether you're an IT professional, manager, or tech enthusiast, this video provides a unique opportunity to glean insights from a seasoned industry expert on the evolving dynamics of managing technology and staying ahead of the curve.