Pick Up the Slack

The conference table is pretty much a relic of the past. We still sit around them on occasion and write on whiteboards. It’s a nice tradition. But for most of us, including those in IT, collaboration and communication happens online. If you’re a Slacker (we mean that in the best possible way), then you may like to know the status of your corporate assets in the platform where you spend most of your time. You can, and it’s easy.

Oomnitza gives you visibility into your Slack users as data from Slack is automatically transformed into consumable information and actionable insights.

Get the information and insights that you need to reduce costs and the time that you spend on administration tasks such as:

  • Configurable dashboards and list views of key user information
  • Configurable reports to share information about users with your colleagues and management
  • Configurable workflows that you can easily create to automate tasks such as:
    • Messaging Slack users
    • Adding users to Slack channels
    • Managing Slack users within the SaaS module and much more
    • Getting the last login information of Slack users and deactivating inactive user accounts.

Connect Oomnitza + Slack in minutes

it asset management

Integrate Slack with Oomnitza in minutes and get:

  • The Slack Bot, a chat bot that enables employees to get help directly from within Slack, lets employees create a Jira or Zendesk ticket out of Slack, allowing them to stay focused on work and be more productive.
  • Notices of key events around asset status changes.
  • Information about devices approaching end of life.
  • News about anomalous or suspicious activity right within your Slack channel.
  • An easy way to get asset information to employees about the status of their devices.