How Our Integrations Make Your Life Easier

When you just had to worry about computers and a few other connected devices like networking gear, you could get by with manual processes, siloed data, and not having access to key device information. But in the age of the IoT, manual processes and information gaps about purchasing, warranties, end of life, and so on won’t suffice. To thrive in the IoT era, you’ll need the best technologies available to maximize the value of your assets, manage them efficiently, keep them secure and compliant, and help boost productivity.  


That’s why we’re working with dozens of integration partners that offer best-of-breed technologies. This is important because our typical implementation commonly connects to five or more third-party systems. This helps you streamline the process of managing every Thing powering your business. Here are a few examples of how our integrations make your life easier.


Service Desk:

It’s frustrating if you’re working at the service desk and you don’t have all the information you need. You may not know how old an asset is, what the last repair was, if the software patches are up to date, and so on. You need a way to view help desk tickets and display all the asset details at the same time. When you integrate Oomnitza with one of our service desk partners— Jira, ServiceNow, or Zendesk—you have everything you need to provide efficient assistance, all in one place.



We’ve made it easier for employees to get the help they need with their devices directly within Slack, the popular messaging and collaboration platform. The Oomnitza Bot for Slack enables every employee to efficiently report issues about their devices from the convenience of Slack. The bot supports Jira Service Desk, Jira Cloud, Jira Server, and Zendesk.


System Management:

The Things powering your organization come in many different shapes, sizes, configurations, and operating systems to suit employees’ preferences. You’ve probably installed one or several system management tools to avoid time-consuming activities like manual patching, configuration updates, and service installations. Oomnitza integrates to all leading tools—Jamf, Chef, and SCCM—giving you valuable information about the device, its usage, specs, user, and location. As a result, you have a single source of truth and you can automate manual activities related to system management.


Mobile Device Management (MDM):

A big part of your job is helping employees stay productive wherever they are. At the same time, you can’t compromise when it comes to corporate security and keeping mobile devices up to date. The proliferation of mobile devices puts more strain on you to keep track of them. That’s why we integrate with VMware AirWatch and Google MDM so you can manage every device from a single pane of glass based on a rich set of asset information such as usage, specs, user, and so on—all while automating tedious tasks like system-level updates.


Single Sign-On:

A big part of your job is helping employees stay productive and minimizing their password headaches, which, in turn, minimizes your password headaches. At the same time, you have to secure access to key applications. The integration between Oomnitza and Google, Okta or OneLogin’s Unified Access Management platform, you can stop password pain while safeguarding corporate information.  



Tracking and managing the Things that power your organization requires collaboration between IT and Finance. You have to work as a team to manage POs, see deviations between purchasing and receiving, be audit-ready, and stop overpaying for assets and software. These tasks are not always easy, because the two departments may have different systems and data, so there’s no single source of truth about assets. The integration between Oomnitza and Oracle NetSuite helps Finance and IT work together to make sure that assets are managed efficiently and funds are used wisely.


In today’s IT environment, going with a “one-size-fits-all” strategy makes less sense than choosing easily integrated best-of-breed technologies. Learn more about how Oomnitza can help and how our integrations can help you more easily manage all the Things that keep your organization productive.


Written By: Trent Seed, CTO, Oomnitza