White Paper

Survey – Siloed Technology Management is Increasing Operational Blind Spots and Cyber Risk

The Managing Enterprise Technology Blind Spots survey, conducted by Gatepoint Research, examines how enterprises are governing technology, the operations issues and business impact they are experiencing, and where they intend to make investments. The research found that solely relying on disparate systems to manage classes of technology, from endpoints and applications to network and cloud infrastructure, does not provide the integrated visibility, lifecycle control, or automation necessary to optimize resources and manage risk.

The survey highlights key findings including:

  • Technology management:  76% of enterprises are using multiple systems to find inventory data about different technologies
  • Security impact:  71% expressed increased risk of security breach and associated costs.
  • Top 5 business impacts:  include wasted spend on software licenses or cloud services, lost time tracking down asset status/details, wasted spending due to unaccounted assets, delays onboarding/offboarding employees, and compliance audit fines and exposure

Download a copy of the full report to gain more insights on how siloed technology management is increasing operational blind spots and cyber risk.

About Ooomnita
Oomnitza offers comprehensive and automated Enterprise Technology Management solutions that unify visibility, insight, and control across users, endpoints, software, infrastructure, and cloud. Our SaaS platform, with built-in best practices and no-code workflows, allows customers to correlate asset inventory, orchestrate lifecycle processes, and ensure policy compliance. We help some of the most well-known and innovative companies optimize expenditure, mitigate cyber risk, and ensure user experience.