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Oomnitza Delivers IT Management Essential to Business Continuity in the Work-From-Anywhere Environment

Provides critical solutions to address massive shifts in operational models, changed IT ecosystems, and technology sprawl

Businesses need ready access and a single source of truth to provide accurate, real-time data for IT infrastructure to support a work-from-home,

in-office, or hybrid reality. Oomnitza, the first provider of agentless technology orchestration for digital enterprises, is enabling the biggest companies in the world to support a distributed workforce by helping its customers manage technology sprawl and support a stable, predictable, and secure IT environment.

“For years, businesses have had to manage multiple systems and sources to get the full picture of their hardware, software, cloud, and virtual solutions. With a distributed workforce and more expansive IT infrastructure, a siloed approach is simply impossible to manage,” said Arthur Lozinski, CEO at Oomnitza.

Research shows that remote work is here to stay and that means technology will continue to be critical as the glue that holds teams, workflows, and businesses together. At the same time, exponential growth of IoT devices and cloud adoption makes it more complex and difficult to track and manage IT infrastructure.

“We’ve advanced an approach that provides our customers with a single pane of glass into their IT portfolio, including hardware, software, SaaS, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. This makes it possible for businesses to support a distributed or hybrid workforce and predict trend usage information for more secure and productive teams, whether they’re remote or onsite,” added Lozinski.

The new model for managing this dynamic ecosystem is referred to as Enterprise Technology Orchestration, or ETO. ETO pulls in data from what were previously disparate and unconnected data sources (hardware vs. software vs. Cloud, etc.) into a single and consistent view. This provides

IT with immediate insight into the entire IT portfolio and is far more consistent with how technology drives business processes. With a unified and agentless system that is constantly updated, IT teams can monitor, trend, and manage technology sprawl through automatically discoverable and constantly updated data.

About Oomnitza

Oomnitza delivers the first Enterprise Technology Orchestration solution, connecting hardware, software, cloud, and IoT. Customers can manage their IT portfolio to optimize their spend, automate governance processes to meet compliance and auditing requirements, protect from security risks, and support employee productivity. Oomnitza is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit