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Automate Key IT Processes
with Apps Not IT Projects

Finally, trust your technology data

Stop counting, start managing. Automate technology asset workflows across the entire IT lifecycle.

Workstream Applications

Modern Asset Management


Design | Automate | Orchestrate


Discover | Aggregate | Normalize


Report | Monitor | Visualize

160+ Bi-Directional Integrations into your existing technology systems.

What Our Customers Say

Dc Gov Building Dc Gov Building

"Thanks to Oomnitza's integrations, automation, and excellent customer support, our Asset Management team was able to shave off almost 30 hours per week by eliminating manual processes, reducing research time, and implementing automated workflows and reports, thus enabling a more efficient work process."

Josette Contreras
IT Manager/Architect, DC Government,
Office of the Chief Financial Officer



increase in asset reclamation during offboarding


improvement in refresh forecasting accuracy


reduction in time preparing for IT audits


savings on redundant SaaS and Cloud spend

Best Data Driven Inventory Tool on the Market

"Wish we would have found this tool four years earlier - we had a lot of wasted time trying to get the last few tools and in-house apps to work."

-IT Manager
in Retail

A Fantastic IT Solution That Is Providing Great Value For A FinTech Company

“I've been really impressed with the product features, ease of configuration and ability to set up the system to map to business processes.”

-Sr. IT Manager
in Financial Services

The Complete Asset Life Cycle Management Tool

“We set out to find a tool that would allow us to customize it as much as we needed in order to create the environment that we wanted and Oomnitza has done just that, and more!”

-Sr. IT Engineer
in the Banking Industry

"We are in a much better position to understand our technology inventory and location around the world because of Oomnitza."

-IT Procurement Manager,
Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Source: TechValidate
TVID: 64B-D1C-C83

"Oomnitza is a robust technology management tool with lots of reporting functions and customizations. It is much more organized compared to a spreadsheet."

-Help Desk Manager/
Desktop Services, Medium Enterprise Consumer Services Company

Source: TechValidate
TVID: B0E-994-CD9

"Oomnitza gave us better technology lifecycle tracking, better financial planning, and a more proactive approach to hardware asset management."

-IT Strategy Executive,
Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

Source: TechValidate
TVID: B3F-938-B28

Check out Oomnitza and see what it can do for your company today!

"The product is versatile and user-friendly. They are happy to tailor its uses to your team which we have found extremely helpful!"

-Operations Analyst,
Technology Provider

made easy!

"Where it excels is with its workflows, which make updating and controlling assets a breeze. And with the drag and drop nature of creating workflows, they are super simple to set up, no complex coding required!"

Advertising & Media Organization

Oomnitza is probably the best asset management tool out there

“With Oomnitza's integrations & workflows - you can literally fully automate the lifecycle of your assets with the most accurate and up-to-date info. As it is HIGHLY customizable, you can configure it exactly how your organization needs to…”

-Sr. IT Engineer,
Technology Industry

A Clean and Customizable Solution

“Scalable and customizable workflows for assets and people to accurately track and manage growth. Great reporting and dashboard features to get data needed easily and share with other teams.”

-IT Support Engineer
in the Finance Industry

Oomnitza Provides A Modern Approach To IT Asset Management

“The ability to gather inventory data from endpoints without installing an additional agent was key for us. We love the automation that comes with the Oomnitza product being able to create workflow for just about any scenario and utilizing APIs.”

-Endpoint Admin
in large Enterprise Organization

Great Product, Highly Recommended

“Easy to use and easy to navigate.” 5 out of 5 Stars

-IT Support in the
Travel & Hospitality Industry

"Oomnitza has made our business run more efficiently and helped the technology asset management process to be more effective."

-Information Technology Manager,
Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

Source: TechValidate
TVID: C51-B0D-3D2

"Oomnitza makes us run more efficiently with the way our technology asset management system works hand to hand with our other systems including JAMF, Apple, Google, Microsoft Active Directory, and Zendesk."

-Technology Operations Director,
Educational Institution

Source: TechValidate
TVID: 165-37D-921

"Oomnitza ETM is efficient and easy to use!"

-Operations Director,
Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Source: TechValidate
TVID: 2F4-C50-901

Easy to use and has many customizable features that cater to our business needs

“The workflows allow us to better manage our inventory and know when items are deployed or need to be reclaimed.”

-Applications & Systems Admin,
Large Food Delivery Organization


“Our ability to track and manage our inventory has increased exponentially. The ease and dependability of this program is something I cannot recommend enough to others!”

-IT Asset Manager,
Automotive & Transportation Industry

Swiss army knife of asset management systems

"Allows our IT and Finance teams to track asset information from the time of purchase until disposal."

Large Online Media Enterprise

Automate with Accurate Data

Oomnitza’s agentless modern asset management normalizes and correlates multisource data from your existing tools across your entire IT estate to deliver unparalleled asset technology intelligence and accuracy, enabling accelerated technology-centric process automation and improving the performance of tools that rely on an accurate CMDB.

Automate Smarter, Not Harder

No Long It Projects Black V2 500px No Long It Projects Black V2 500px

Say so long to building custom, in-house solutions

To automate common IT processes
Deploy an enterprise application to automate IT processes in 90 days,
not run 1-to-3-year IT project building a custom in-house solution.

No Custom Code Icon No Custom Code Icon
No Custom In-house

Design and modify workflows in software with No-code Workflow Designer

NOT through custom,
in-house development

No Custom Integrations Icon No Custom Integrations Icon
No Custom In-house

Integrate with and orchestrate actions across 160+ systems with pre built connectors

NOT build and support custom in-house
point-to-point integrations

No Inaccurate Cmdb Icon No Inaccurate Cmdb Icon
No Inaccurate

Improve technology data hygiene and visibility over your entire technology portfolio

NOT struggle with inaccurate data
stored in your CMDB

Rapid IT Process Automation with Enterprise-Scale


Technology processes


Data source


Assets managed in
largest deployment


Workflow runs
per day

Why ETM?

Today’s CIO faces three very complex challenges:

  • Managing the broad portfolio of enterprise technology required to run the business
  • Improving efficiency and security while also lowering the cost of running technology-centric processes that operate across enterprise technology silos
  • Finding budget to fund disruptive technology initiatives like digital transformation

Historically, increased complexity has given rise to new categories of enterprise applications that simplify processes and drive efficiencies, helping the CIO’s peers to be more successful in their respective functions, such as CRM, ERP and HRM.

In The Next CIO, it’s argued that the modern CIOs needs a similar application to simplify the management of processes that touch the business’ broad enterprise technology portfolio. This category of enterprise application is called Enterprise Technology Management (ETM).

Delivered as apps, ETM helps the CIO and IT better describe, automate and optimize the processes that deliver the experiences and outcomes required by the business to succeed. ETM applications improve process efficiency, enhance security and compliance and increase business visibility on the journey to powering autonomous IT.

The Next CIO eBook:

How Enterprise Technology Management Powers Autonomous IT
(Abridged Edition)

NextCIO AbridgedEdition Oct2022 Pdf (1) NextCIO AbridgedEdition Oct2022 Pdf (1)

Seeing is Believing

Get a demo tailored to your interests.

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