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Modernize Enterprise
Technology Management

Unify technology intelligence and simplify business process automation empowering IT organizations to optimize resources, security, audit, user experience and spend.

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Harness the Tools You Have To Power the Control You Need

Leverage your endpoint, application, network infrastructure and cloud tools for accurate asset inventory, streamlined lifecycle management and efficient incident response.

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Uncover Attack Surface Gaps To Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

Multi-source asset intelligence to expedite audit, compliance verification and incident triage tasks that ensure security posture improvement and threat management agility.

Business Process Automation: Simple, Versatile and Pervasive

Overcome the fragmented data, siloed tools, and workflow complexity that limits operational insights, decisions and efficiency. Oomnitza’s agentless platform normalizes and correlates multisource data from your existing tools across your IT estate to deliver unparalleled intelligence, lifecycle management and key business process automation.

Value Across Your Organization


Fortify security posture and informed response capability
Comprehensive asset inventory and analytics to discover attack surface gaps, monitor controls and mitigate security risks. Identify exposed, unmanaged and non-compliant assets. Reduce incident triage and response time with crucial owner, location and lifecycle context. Automate prevention and response workflow.



Streamline compliance verification regardless of framework
Automate asset tracking, policy monitoring and corrective action workflows to ensure compliance adherence and resolution. Reduce time, effort and cost to meet internal and industry requisites for various mandates from system hygiene, encryption and policy deviation to offboarding, legal hold, imaging and destruction.

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Accelerate audit readiness, accuracy and execution
Overcome audit data aggregation challenges and preparation effort with consolidated, timely asset intelligence. Know the asset owner, location and deviations. Ensure consistent data and timely access for all participants. Expedite visualization, reporting and real-time validation tasks to support passing regulatory, vendor and internal audits.



Ensure user and customer experience and productivity
Proactively manage the technology keeping your employees and customers fulfilled. Streamline onboarding/offboarding logistics and monitor supply levels to ensure user productivity. Ensure the devices in the field are working and up-to-date. Know when to upgrade or replace before problems arise. Automate CX and UX processes and connect asset lifecycle intelligence to your service.

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Optimize resources, forecasts and technology investment
Manage technology distribution across your IT estate by type, department and function. Pinpoint hardware, licensing and cloud resource overspend, underspend and supply issues. Identify cost-saving opportunities from software and cloud resource license consolidation, true-ups and reassignment to device refreshes, replacement, losses and reclamation.


Rapid SaaS Implementation with Enterprise-Scale


Data source


Business processes


Assets managed in
largest deployment


SaaS applications
managed per customer

Versatility Accelerates Results

Check out Oomnitza and see what it can do for your company today!

"The product is versatile and user-friendly. They are happy to tailor its uses to your team which we have found extremely helpful!"

-Operations Analyst,
Technology Provider

made easy!

"Where it excels is with its workflows, which make updating and controlling assets a breeze. And with the drag and drop nature of creating workflows, they are super simple to set up, no complex coding required!"

Advertising & Media Organization

Oomnitza is probably the best asset management tool out there

“With Oomnitza's integrations & workflows - you can literally fully automate the lifecycle of your assets with the most accurate and up-to-date info. As it is HIGHLY customizable, you can configure it exactly how your organization needs to…”

-Sr. IT Engineer,
Technology Industry

Easy to use and has many customizable features that cater to our business needs

“The workflows allow us to better manage our inventory and know when items are deployed or need to be reclaimed.”

-Applications & Systems Admin,
Large Food Delivery Organization


“Our ability to track and manage our inventory has increased exponentially. The ease and dependability of this program is something I cannot recommend enough to others!”

-IT Asset Manager,
Automotive & Transportation Industry

Swiss army knife of asset management systems

"Allows our IT and Finance teams to track asset information from the time of purchase until disposal."

Large Online Media Enterprise

Knowledge Drives Transformation

Business Process Research Cta HP 600x200 Business Process Research Cta HP 600x200

Business Process Research

2022 State of Offboarding
Process Automation

Survey of IT leaders, conducted by YouGov, examines how enterprises across industries are managing offboarding processes with specific findings on endpoint reclamation, SaaS and cloud resource deprovisioning, and the extent of automated workflow maturity.

Attacksurface Cta HP 600x200 Attacksurface Cta HP 600x200

Cybersecurity Research

Attack Surface Management Maturity:
Report, Infographic and Webinar

Cybersecurity leaders continue to calibrate and extend their attack surface management capabilities. This survey of 500+ respondents sheds light on how are organizations contending with accelerated hybrid workplace, hybrid cloud and digital business growth that increase security posture.

Seeing is Believing

Get a demo tailored to your interests.

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