Video: Why is Enterprise IT More at Risk Now Than Ever Before?

Enterprise IT risk is more of an issue today than it has ever been.

Physical assets are more mobile than ever. IT staff may not even touch a laptop from purchase to its end-of-life cycle, which makes securing and tracking assets a challenge.

Today’s hybrid workforce also uses multiple devices, digital assets, virtual instances and data in cloud providers that aren’t protected by a traditional corporate firewall — if there is one.

Organizational data visibility is also limited because every system has its own data sets. This can create attack surface issues and increased challenges for securing the onboarding and offboarding processes. Our recent survey found that 71% of enterprise organizations are worried about the increased risk of security breaches and associated costs.

On that note, enterprise onboarding and offboarding procedures also need to be compliant with the security standards that customers expect. In some cases, industry standards like SOC 2 or ISO27001 have to be taken into consideration.

Managing resources while remaining flexible enough to adopt new processes is another concern. How can organizations solve these challenges as technology continues to evolve?