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Oomnitza Fall 2023 Release

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Welcome to the exciting world of Oomnitza's Fall 2023 Release!

This latest update brings a wave of enhancements designed to redefine your experience. Get ready for a journey through dynamic features that make managing technology assets feel like a breeze.

In this blog, I'll be your guide as we explore the key highlights of the Fall 2023 Release across various areas, including platform improvements, accessories and software management, integrations, and more. For a deep dive, don't forget to check out the full release notes.

Let's dive in and uncover the transformative power that the Oomnitza Fall 2023 Release brings to the table!

Oomnitza Store

Diving into the heart of this release, the spotlight is firmly on the Oomnitza Store—formerly known as Best Practices. This revamped hub is more than just a repository; it's a dynamic self-service platform designed to elevate your experience in deploying key business processes and integrations.

The Store offers ready-to-go application packages that provide insights into the health and status of assets, data hygiene, coverage gap analytics, and audit readiness. As well as, choosing vendor packages to sync hardware data with Oomnitza is made effortless, thanks to pre-configured integrations.

New applications are regularly added to the Store, encouraging users to stay updated and download tools that facilitate asset management, cost reduction, and valuable insights.

In this release, we've added 27 new integration packages and 12 new request offerings within the Oomnitza Store. These additions are positioned to reshape the landscape, providing you with a rich repository of tools to amplify your business needs.

Image of store showcasing some of the applications

Image of store showcasing some of the applications

Dare I say there’s more...

Embark on a Seamless Oomnitza Journey

The newly introduced Quickstart Wizard, which incorporates the Store packages, is designed to fast-track the new customer onboarding process, providing a gradual introduction to the Oomnitza experience and ensuring that users can swiftly connect to their data sources and realize value within days.

This upgraded wizard serves as a guide for new customers, leading them through the selection and implementation of core asset use cases, including gap coverage, data quality, and auditing.

Starting with asset management, users can explore the Store to select pre-configured key applications and asset and user integration packages. Once applications are installed and integrations scheduled, users can enjoy a unified view of their data through automatically updated dashboards.

The journey doesn't end there; users have the flexibility to decide when and how they want to extend the management of their IT portfolio, whether it's SaaS applications, services, or desktop software. For a seamless and guided introduction to Enterprise Technology Management (ETM), the Quickstart Wizard offers a user-friendly approach, ensuring a smooth and efficient new customer experience.

Image welcoming you to Quickstart

Image welcoming you to Quickstart


Introducing Configurable 'Related Objects' Tabs

Our latest custom relationships feature unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing users to establish both one-to-one, and one-to-many connections across objects. This flexibility in data relationships enhances comprehension by visually representing intricate connections. For instance, envision tracking a comprehensive list of hardware assets associated with a specific contract or monitoring outages linked to a particular asset.

Image viewing my assets linked to a contract

Image viewing my assets linked to a contract

This enhancement not only opens doors to diverse opportunities but also provides granular control over tabbed pages for records. Now, with the refined capabilities of the screen builder, users can tailor the information displayed on all tabbed pages, transcending the confines of the detailed screens.

Feel Empowered by the Power of AI

Oomnitza introduces groundbreaking AI technology from OpenAI, revolutionizing user interactions within the platform. This integration is designed to enhance user experiences, making the platform more intuitive, responsive, and intelligent.

At the heart of this innovation is the Oomnitza AI Assistant. The Assistant is not just a tool; it's your AI companion, ready to assist with searches, message creation, and Jinja code generation and validation. This opt-in Assistant feature empowers users with unparalleled capabilities, promising a transformative user experience.

Simplify intricate searches, enhance workflow efficiency, and embark on a new era of user-friendly and intelligent interactions with the Oomnitza AI Assistant.

The various applications of AI within Oomnitza

The various applications of AI within Oomnitza

Anonymization for Users

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to bolster support for managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), authorized users can now engage in a two-step procedure to anonymize sensitive user information, including personal data such as names, email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers.

This feature not only anonymizes the selected user's personal data but also wipes their activity history, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data protection. Users can effortlessly select one or multiple individuals for anonymization, aligning organizational practices with legislative requirements like GDPR.

Image of windows displayed during anonymization process

Image of windows displayed during anonymization process

Hard Deletion of Records

Users can also perform a hard delete on records, elevating database management to new levels of efficiency.

This two-step process begins with archiving the object records that are no longer needed. The second step involves a thorough deletion process, where validation checks ensure that no dependencies exist, preventing accidental deletions and maintaining data integrity.

This enhancement provides authorized users not only the flexibility to archive records but also to permanently delete records from the database. This offers a reduction in cluttered records and enriches their database hygiene experience.

Image of windows displayed during hard delete process

Image of windows displayed during hard delete process

Additional New Platform Features

Discover more Platform feature callouts in Oomnitza's latest update:

  • Enhanced Role Management: System administrators can effortlessly duplicate Screen Builder settings across roles, ensuring streamlined role customization. This not only saves time but also promotes consistency and accuracy in role configurations.
  • List View User Experience: The list view user experience received a modern facelift with improved efficiency, a new title and static quick search, redesigned column headers, enhanced row selection and count display, and increased vertical spacing for standardized views.
  • Enhanced Displayed Images in Media Tab: Dive into an optimized image display experience on the media page, offering enhanced image previews without the need for downloads. This improvement enhances overall usability and efficiency, providing a seamless visual experience.


Explore the latest enhancements to workflows, offering an array of features:

  • Coding Capabilities in Update Block: Unleash the power of Jinja with the newly added coding option in the Update Block. This feature supports multiple lines, providing accessibility to the data model and workflow variables.
  • A Feature-Rich Editor: A brand-new, feature-rich editor has been integrated into the API, Conditional Threshold, Oomnitza, and Update blocks. With syntax highlighting and auto-completion, this editor simplifies and streamlines the coding process, making it more accessible and efficient.
  • Jinja Validation: Real-time validation for Jinja code is now at your fingertips. The play icon enables instant testing.

With these features, alongside the AI capabilities for Jinja code generation, users are more equipped to handle code construction. This pushes the limits for coding on our platform with faster error resolution and quicker code execution.

Update Block and coding tools

Images of Update Block and coding tools

Workflows within Workflows

Introducing Nested Workflows, a powerful enhancement that allows users to embed a workflow within another workflow. This feature enables a user to create a separate workflow standard or template for recurring tasks, which can be triggered from within a primary workflow. This not only improves the management of workflows but also saves valuable time in configuring workflows.

Whether you have a sequence of workflows or need to run specific workflows based on outcomes, nested workflows provide a streamlined and efficient approach. This minimizes complexity, facilitates easier management, and allows for more effective workflow maintenance.

Image of workflow with nested workflow

Image of workflow with nested workflow

Adding Dropdowns to Surveys

Creating user-friendly surveys that fetch business-critical information and facilitate request offerings has never been more seamless.Oomnitza introduces a dropdown selector, simplifying the survey process and minimizing the risk of confusion or inaccurate responses.

Key Advantages of the Dropdown Selector:

  • The functionality extends to all objects.
  • Saved searches can be leveraged to limit dropdown options.
  • Dropdown allows for the inclusion of images for each record.
  • Has the ability to create dependent dropdowns.
  • Supports up to 20 options to a regular dropdown.

With this enhancement, Oomnitza redefines the survey creation process to allow for more ease on you and the survey recipient.

Accessory Management

Streamline your stockroom’s accessory management with these latest enhancements:

  • Now, adding accessories to stockrooms is easier than ever. Leverage saved searches to quickly identify and add accessories, eliminating the need for manual searches.
  • Additionally, our platform introduces consumable item identification. With a new configuration option, mark accessories as consumable, facilitating the management of items signed out per stockroom without the need for extensive user details.

Make accessory management efficient, intuitive, and tailored to your stockroom needs.

Image showcasing consumable accessories column

Image showcasing consumable accessories column

SaaS Management

Experience enhanced SaaS Management Integration (SMI) capabilities with a range of improvements:

  • The Netskope Integration now focuses on tracking unsanctioned applications, providing crucial security insights into user access and app usage.
  • Performance enhancements include optimized retry logic, improved summary information, and enhanced error handling.
  • Enterprise contracts receive a boost with an increased maximum of 50 line items for budgeted costs.
  • SaaS users are automatically unassigned from contracts if they no longer meet the assignment criteria.

These improvements strive for a smoother SaaS management experience in Oomnitza.


Endless Possibilities with Custom Extended Integrations

Oomnitza introduces Custom Extended Integrations, that is revolutionizing the integration landscape. Unlike previous custom integrations limited to streaming data to user and asset objects, these extended integrations empower users to transfer data to any object within Oomnitza - opening the door to unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

From synchronizing inventory levels from external inventory management systems to importing security certificate data to a custom object, the potential use cases for integrations are boundless.

The advantages of custom extended integrations include:

  1. Flexibility: Unleash the power to connect with a broader range of systems beyond Oomnitza's vendor integrations.
  2. Data Integrity and Efficiency: Utilize API-based imports to reduce manual input, minimize errors, and save valuable time.
  3. Scalability: Adapt your Oomnitza environment to evolving requirements by effortlessly adding new types of objects as your organization grows.

This UI-based generic connector framework ensures a user-friendly approach to creating integrations, making it easier than ever to add and deploy custom extended integrations across the Oomnitza interface.

Get an Overview of Your Integrations Mappings

Elevate your integration management experience with Oomnitza!

Whether you're dealing with extended or custom integrations, our platform now empowers you to seamlessly review, monitor, and manage all mapped fields. The mapping view page offers a comprehensive view, allowing you to effortlessly track integration status, assess mapped fields, monitor sync keys to prevent duplication, and make real-time modifications to the mapping of specific integrations.

Enhance healthy connectivity, prevent duplication, and adapt to changing requirements – all in one centralized space!

Image of Integration Mapping Table

Image of Integration Mapping Table

CORS Update

The improved Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Policy now introduces a new global variable, enabling you to establish a trusted list of domains within your Oomnitza instance. This update fortifies the security of Service Desk integrations, offering protection against unauthorized access and ensuring a more robust and secure integration experience.

New Integrations

We continue to expand our integration portfolio with more than 1,500 integrations across over 160 vendors. New integrations added since the prior release are highlighted below.

Most new features in this release were developed based on customer feedback. Oomnitza always strives to be customer-centric and the enhancements included in this release are a testament to that. We encourage our customers to continue providing us with feedback and suggestions for enhancement..

For an in-depth exploration of all the features and improvements, we encourage you to review the extensive Fall 2023 Release Notes.

Be sure to watch the Oomnitza Fall 2023 release webinar. In under an hour, we walk you through each of the new features in more detail, with live demos.

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