New: Assets Mobile App

On-Demand Webinar

In this customer webcast we will present an overview and demo of the latest version of the Assets Mobile App! A number of new and improved features have been added to his version of the Assets Mobile App including:

  • Enhanced user interface - modern and intuitive design
  • Simplified management - one place to view and edit all assets
  • Enhanced scanning - quickly and intuitively scan barcodes in different modes (ex. select one or multiple barcodes)
  • Advanced Searching and Sorting - provides the ability to search within an asset record on both field labels and values. This also supports the ability to sort and filter Assets in the same method as in the search pane on the left side of the web app
  • Select Fields in Asset Tile - see the Asset list in the same format as in the block view of the web app. Also, more information is available per Asset tile with no need to open each Asset separately
  • Asset Source - see Asset source (source Integration) presented in the same way as in the web app
  • Asset Field Grouping - see Asset fields in a more structured way. Asset details are divided into groups and presented the same way as the web app
  • Improved Security Management - permissions are inherited from the web app enabling easier administration.

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