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How Can You Automate Business Processes To More Efficiently Manage Your Distributed, Diverse and Growing Technology Estate?

Technology drives modern business and is essential for productivity, competitiveness and resiliency. Yet organizations struggle to manage and automate the effective use of their technology from endpoints and applications to network and cloud infrastructure. Fragmented data and piecemeal workflows constrain IT from improving operational, security and financial efficiency. These challenges are due to:

Introducing Enterprise Technology Management

Oomnitza provides the easiest, most versatile Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) platform to automate key business processes for IT and technology.

ETM unifies asset technology intelligence and process automation across the entire IT estate by leveraging existing tools and simplifying broad workflow adoption so that IT organizations can reduce tickets, streamline tasks and optimize resources.

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IT Process Automation Advantages

Enterprise Technology Management provides IT leaders and staff the accurate data, advanced analytics and simplified workflow automation needed to increase operational efficiency and responsiveness.






Superior Business Process Automation

Perform Assets By Status Perform Assets By Status

Technology Intelligence

Track all technology use from purchase through end of life

Understand the provisioning, status and disposition of technology: endpoints, applications (software and SaaS), network infrastructure physical and virtual) and cloud infrastructure. Readily see and analyze the who, when, where and what changed across your IT estate. Easily analyze, monitor, report and share technology details that integrates with purchasing and incident management tools.

Workflow Management

Workflow simplification for broader IT adoption

First start with technology procurement and analytics, then monitor key attributes to trigger action. A built-in low code graphical workflow logic editor allows IT and security analysts to easily automate tasks such as onboarding with access provisioning and technology delivery, offboarding with deprovisioning and technology reclamation, and auditing with adherence and compliance deviation evidence.

Then further advance process automation capabilities such as remediating inactive endpoint management and security agents, and resolving unmanaged cloud resources. All workflows can tie into existing ITSM ticketing and incident response systems.

Workflow 2 Workflow 2

Gain Operational Efficiency

Before Enterprise Technology Management After Enterprise Technology Management
Incomplete, inaccurate and siloed IT asset discovery and information with visibility gaps Multi-source correlated and normalized asset intelligence for unified analytics and workflow automation
Disjointed understanding of security posture and difficulty to mitigate attack surface risks Unified intelligence to identify security gaps, reduce attack surface and fortify security posture
Manual, cumbersome and error-prone processes for audit data collection and compliance verification Streamlined audit readiness tasks and automated evidence collection for efficient audit reporting
Prolonged incident triage due to fragmented asset intelligence and state information Expedited incident investigation and response with comprehensive technology operational context
Inconsistent and human-centric technology management processes Standardized and automated technology management and procurement workflows for increased efficiency
Poor employee experience for onboarding, org changes and offboarding in hybrid workplace Enhanced employee and customer experience, productivity, serviceability and up-time
Inability to understand utilization, identify overspend and underspend on SaaS and cloud Optimized spend, allocation and utilization of SaaS and cloud resources across your organization
Lack of accurate forecasting for refreshes and renewals creating procurement and supply issues Efficient technology procurement processes and spend forecasting for refreshes and renewals
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Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management Platform

Oomnitza offers a versatile and automated Enterprise Technology Management platform that delivers multi-source visibility and control across your IT estate including endpoints, applications, infrastructure and cloud. Our agentless SaaS solution, with rapid integrations, best practices and low code workflows, allows you to leverage your existing systems to gain unified technology management analytics, standardize automated processes, and ensure security and compliance.

Platform Graphic Platform Graphic

The Oomnitza platform is an agentless SaaS solution that uses REST APIs to integrate with more than 1170 data sources across 150+ technologies, including procurement, endpoint management, IAM, security, cloud management, ITSM, networking, HRIS, CRM systems and more.

It aggregates, correlates and normalizes information from these disparate systems to create a single, actionable system of record for enterprise technology - endpoints, applications (software and SaaS), networking and cloud infrastructure and their users and locations.

A built in, low code workflow engine enables any IT professional to develop key business processes, including: technology procurement, onboarding and offboarding, compliance verification and audit readiness, user experience and security posture improvement – tying into existing ITSM ticketing and security management systems.

Highlight Features


Built in best practices and analytics

For faster time to value addressing onboarding and offboarding, resource optimization, security, audit and compliance use cases.


Scalable, enterprise-class

With extensible microservices architecture and proven large, multi-site deployment of over 350k assets and 300k users.

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