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Mitigate Cybersecurity Risk

Gain unified, multi-source asset intelligence to identify security gaps, improve cyber hygiene and expedite incident investigation and response.

Secure Secure

CISOs and security teams face a daunting task — to monitor and enforce security controls across their ever-expanding, diverse and distributed technology assets. They are unable to get comprehensive visibility and operational insight into assets because information about them is spread across a patchwork of tools and data silos.

Oomnitza delivers unified, multi-source IT asset management, tracking and analytics to discover security gaps, fortify security posture and mitigate cyber risks, while identifying unmanaged, vulnerable and non-compliant assets. Reduce incident investigation time with essential context about assets, user/owner, location and lifecycle. Automate remediation and response workflows.

Govern Asset Inventory By Location Govern Asset Inventory By Location

Comprehensive cybersecurity asset inventory

Get comprehensive asset inventory status and analytics across endpoints, applications (software and SaaS), network infrastructure and cloud, as well as users. Oomnitza connects to hundreds of data sources leveraging your existing IT management, security, HR and procurement systems to create a single system of record for security, compliance, audit and risk management teams.

Security coverage gap discovery

Identify unmanaged, vulnerable and non-compliant assets, and automate response workflows to fortify your security posture. Oomnitza eliminates security blind spots and makes it easy to pinpoint and remediate missing agents, misconfigurations and many common security exposures.

Govern Deployed Assets Wo Assignee Govern Deployed Assets Wo Assignee
Secure Anti Virus Compliance By Location Secure Anti Virus Compliance By Location

Security control validation and monitoring

Increasing hybrid workplace adoption and workforce mobility make it more challenging to ensure policy adherence, with 53% of organizations reporting employees deviating from established security controls. Oomnitza improves monitoring and governance of security controls and automates enforcement workflows when assets deviate from security policies.

Alert enrichment and incident response

Timely response to incidents relies on in-depth and actionable intelligence about the assets involved. Oomnitza enriches alerts with crucial user/owner, location and lifecycle context about assets and enables IR teams to expedite incident investigation and response, thereby reducing the risk of business disruption and data leakage from cyber-threats.

Secure Unencrypted Devices By Location Secure Unencrypted Devices By Location
Perform Lost Stolen Devices By Location Perform Lost Stolen Devices By Location

Offboarding security policy enforcement

Whether during the great resignation or potential economic headwinds, employee churn is at an all-time high. Lax enforcement of offboarding controls can lead to data security, privacy, compliance and financial risks. Oomnitza automates offboarding policies for reclaiming assets, revoking access rights, imaging and legal hold tasks to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage exposure.

Cloud security controls monitoring

Managing governance, risk and compliance across multi- and hybrid-cloud is challenging. Oomnitza makes it easy to monitor your public cloud infrastructure for adherence to CIS and other benchmarks, detect rogue and unmanaged virtual resources and trigger notifications or response actions to stop insecure instances.

Optimize Saas Category Distribution Optimize Saas Category Distribution

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