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Automate employee offboarding to improve efficiency and auditability, reduce security exposures and optimize IT spend

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Modern workplace trends are increasing offboarding complexity and creating challenges for IT organizations.

Workforce Turnover

at an all time high with 69 million US workers “separated” from their jobs in 2021 and 51% of employers expecting job cuts in the next 12 months

Hybrid and Remote Work

with 64% of companies continuing to have majority remote employees and 53% of remote workers deviating from set enterprise security policies

Cloud and SaaS Acceleration

with 80% of organizations leveraging hybrid/multi cloud and mid/large enterprises using 187 known, unknown and unaccounted for SaaS applications

Oomnitza Makes it Simple

Oomnitza automates and streamlines employee offboarding from Separation to Recovery, followed by proper decommissioning of reclaimed technologies. This enables organizations to coordinate multiple teams and tools, eliminate manual and error-prone tasks, and improve security, operational and financial efficacy.

Secure Offboarding Process Automation


Trigger automated workflows within Oomnitza when employee or contractor status changes in HR systems to pending separation. Tailor workflows for voluntary, involuntary, group, contractor, leave of absence or other departure types. Oomnitza integrates user information from multiple tools (IAM, directory services, SSO, SaaS, cloud, etc.), creates a manifest of endpoints, applications, cloud resources and accessories assigned to the user, and coordinates actions across teams (IT, HR, security, finance, legal and other stakeholders).

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On separation day, Oomnitza revokes access to systems and resources across on-premises applications, SaaS and multi-cloud. This includes user access to applications and resources managed by or outside the purview of single sign-on (SSO) tools. It orchestrates across various endpoint, system and security management tools to lock access to corporate-issued endpoints, terminate browser and application sessions, while preserving data and workspaces.


To ensure business continuity, Oomnitza integrates with a variety of SaaS applications and cloud management systems to reassign ownership of documents, data and workspaces from departing users to other pre-designated users such as their manager or peers. It enables you to set up mail forwarding and auto-replies, delete recurring calendar invites and automate other tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

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Oomnitza automates the reclamation process for endpoints and accessories by integrating with logistics services to deliver return labels or boxes to departing users, track in-transit or received packages, and enforce legal hold and data archiving requirements. It ensures that desktop application seats, SaaS licenses and cloud resources are recovered and reassigned back to their respective license pools.


After employee and contractor offboarding processes, Oomnitza also enables you to automate the decommissioning and reallocation processes. If the end-of-life or warranty expiration is imminent, it triggers workflows to sanitize and wipe endpoints, integrate with e-cycling services to dispose of technologies, document certificates of disposal for audit purposes, and update financial systems. For technologies with remaining life, it triggers workflows to reimage and return to inventory for reallocation.

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Seeing is Believing

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