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Optimize Your Technology Spend

Avoid overspending and true-ups. Oomnitza ensures you don’t buy what you don’t need, both for hardware assets and software licenses.

Optimize Finance Optimize Finance

When you have thousands or tens of thousands of devices and/or software licenses in constant motion, an accurate inventory of your IT infrastructure is just the starting point. A key goal of managing your technology portfolio is optimizing spend. It’s critical to have the right level of technology to keep your employees productive and your business competitive, while eliminating unnecessary spend.

Bottom line?

Having visibility into a highly dynamic IT inventory will not only help you optimize your spend. It will also keep your employees on point while minimizing security and compliance risks.

Optimize Recently Purchased Assets Optimize Recently Purchased Assets

Have a single, accurate system of truth for all your technology spend

Know what you’re spending and why – from a single, comprehensive and fully integrated view. Be able to report on cost per additional user, cost per specific business unit, location, or other identifying attributes. Make better strategic purchasing decisions.

Track software license use

  • Track desktop and SaaS license contracts.
  • Track installed desktop software to avoid true-ups and fines for over-utilization.
  • Track SaaS software use with workflow checks for users that have not logged into SaaS software for which they have a license.
  • Automatically deactivate or reclaim a license if a user has not logged in for whatever time period you designate.
Optimize Software Contract Types By Volume Optimize Software Contract Types By Volume
Optimize SaaS Category Distribution Optimize SaaS Category Distribution

Eliminate duplicate software

Use Oomnitza’s built-in software catalog to group your software by category and by user to identify unnecessary duplicates. Oomnitza provides a built-in software catalog that enriches software data across multiple categories.

Optimize cloud spend

Visualize all your public cloud instances by type, launch/start times and reserved status. Start and stop instances through workflow rules such as:

  • If a VM has an unsafe security group, automatically stop the instance.
  • If a VM only needs to run 8 hours per day, automate start/stop on off-hours to reduce spend.
  • If a user is offboarded and was the owner of a VM, automatically stop or re-assign.
Optimize SaaS Annual Spend Optimize SaaS Annual Spend
Govern Deployed Assets Wo Assignee Govern Deployed Assets Wo Assignee

Identify technology without an owner

Free-range devices are both a security and compliance risk, and can often result in incorrect charge-backs. With Oomnitza, every device is assigned to an owner, group and cost center, and you can quickly identify and manage unassigned hardware and/or software licenses.

Identify lost and stolen devices

With an integrated and fully automated management workflow, you can see if a device has not checked in for a number of days you choose but is assigned to an active user. This lets you automatically notify the user and your service desk to check the device’s status and make financial and security adjustments as required.

Perform Lost Stolen Devices By Location Perform Lost Stolen Devices By Location
Optimze Upcoming End Of Life Optimze Upcoming End Of Life

Accurately forecast device refreshes and reclamation

  • Older devices require more IT time, introduce security risks and reduce employee productivity from slower systems and software incompatibility.
  • Forecasting devices due for a refresh helps keep employees productive and provides better negotiating power with vendors.
  • Accurately forecasting refreshes or reclamation status ensures that devices are depreciated correctly.

Seeing is Believing

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