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Automate employee onboarding to improve IT efficiency and increase employee productivity, engagement and job satisfaction

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The hybrid work model has made it more difficult to seamlessly onboard and successfully integrate new workers into the organization.

Workforce Turnover

With organizations still grappling with high turnover, a strong onboarding experience makes employees 69% more likely to stay with a company for at least 3 years

Virtual Onboarding

64% of companies have majority remote workers and a poor virtual onboarding experience doubles the likelihood of an employee seeking another opportunity

Manual Administrative Tasks

With an average of 54 activities to onboard a new employee, a structured and automated onboarding program improves new hire productivity by more than 70%

Oomnitza Makes Employee Onboarding Easy

Oomnitza streamlines and automates onboarding of new employees and contractors from Hire to Productivity (H2P), followed by ongoing training, technology provisioning and timely refreshes to keep employees productive. This enables IT teams to eliminate manual, error-prone and repetitive tasks, ensures that new hires are up to speed quickly and helps organizations retain top talent while reducing turnover.

Efficient Onboarding Process Automation


Once a new hire record is created in the HR system, Oomnitza is notified and relevant information including future start date, personal email, phone and mailing address are loaded to prepare for pre-boarding workflows. Configurable notifications are sent to IT, security, finance and other stakeholders, while the manager is requested to identify any optional equipment and application access needed for the new hire via automated survey. Oomnitza integrates with leading HR, IT, collaboration and business systems to initiate the onboarding process.

Workflow H2P 1 Hire High Res Workflow H2P 1 Hire High Res
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Send an automated survey to new hire personal email and phone to select preferred technology from an approved list of endpoints, accessories and applications. Initiate orders to various suppliers for shipment to employee address or local office, monitor logistics and alert new hires with shipment and tracking information. Send technology pre-boarding instructions to prepare employees for their start date. Oomnitza integrates with suppliers, warehousing and logistics applications to automate all pre-boarding steps.


Setup new hire user accounts for SSO, email, collaboration tools and business systems. Assign user roles and add to appropriate lists, groups and channels. Notify new hire via personal email to complete enrollment in Oomnitza and activate their SSO and other accounts. Send start day instructions to employee personal and corporate emails, and verify they have received all their equipment. Oomnitza integrates with leading SSO, business applications and collaboration tools to ensure employees are provisioned with the access they need for their start date.

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On start day, status is updated to active in Oomnitza and all remaining user accounts are enabled. Automated welcome email, technology orientation links and instructions are sent to employees to activate remaining accounts/apps, set up passwords and enroll in optional channels/groups. New hire welcome emails and messages are posted to company channels and groups. Oomnitza enables IT teams to track new hire technology adoption progress and ensure they are productive on day one.


Ensure continuous technology training, productivity and world-class employee experience to retain top talent and reduce turnover. Setup 30/60/90 day check-ins (and beyond) for new hires and complete follow-up for employee referrals. Enroll employees in ongoing cybersecurity training and automate feedback surveys for continuous process improvement. Automating repetitive and manual tasks for employee onboarding not only improves IT efficiency and eliminates errors, it also elevates employee experience and streamlines business operations.

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Seeing is Believing

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