Snapshot Survey: IT Compliance and Technology Audits

The Snapshot Survey on IT Compliance and Technology Audits, conducted by YouGov research, examines how modern enterprises are facing resource and cost overruns to complete technology audits.

Key findings include:

  • Enterprises with 1000-5000 employees were 27% more likely to experience an increase in audit delays and costs
  • 47% of companies spent at least 10% more resources and money than their planned audit budget due to poor technology inventory data
  • 62% of organizations need to further automate their compliance assessment and technology audit preparation workflows to better adhere to security and compliance controls.

Several trends such as the increase in hybrid and remote work, the use of mobile technologies, and the surge in SaaS and cloud adoption, have added complexity to compliance initiatives and technology audits. However, these same trends increase the importance of governance and require enterprises to embrace improvements in processes, tools and automation to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of compliance audits.

Download the full report to learn more and to gain insights into the current state of IT compliance and technology audits.