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Enterprise Technology Management

Automate key business processes for IT across your technology estate: endpoints, applications, network infrastructure and cloud infrastructure.

Oomnitza provides the easiest, most versatile Enterprise Technology Management platform to automate key business processes for IT and technology.
The approach starts with agentless integration into your existing IT tools to seamlessly aggregate, normalize and correlate multi-source data within our purpose-built data warehouse. This removes the data inaccuracy and incongruity that exists due to siloed IT management tool data and manual human inputs. With a unified system of record of your technology estate, IT professionals can build workflows through our low code graphical workflow logic editor to eliminate mundane, resource-intensive task, reduce ticket volume, and focus on more strategic, impactful work. Learn how in our 7-minute demo video!
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Unified and Accurate Technology Intelligence

The days of managing technology through siloed, fragmented and inaccurate data and piecemeal workflows are over.

With our Enterprise Technology Management solution, organizations gain accurate, centralized operational technology intelligence to make informed decisions, detect anomalies and enrich problem management. More so, IT professionals can easily build, instantly activate and effectively maintain workflows to automate a wide variety of business processes.

Workflow Simplification

Workflow automation is what enables Enterprise Technology Management at scale. Our workflows are bi-directional and use RESTful APIs. We use a low code approach to empower your IT professionals to develop workflow logic to automate business processes. Workflow capabilities include the following:

  • Define triggering criteria or schedule for workflows, including change and instance history
  • Design workflows through a simple, elegant, drag-and-drop interface
  • Add and edit workflow processing blocks, including notifications, decisions, approval steps, external APIs and more
  • Leverage a set of hundreds of ready-to-use presets for integrations with 3rd party systems like GSuite, AWS, ticketing systems, SaaS systems and more
Laptop Workflows Laptop Workflows

Integrated technology intelligence and process automation can benefit

Automate tasks to mitigate attack surface gaps, resolve anomalous cloud instances, and associate technology with owners and location.
Learn more.

Know the disposition of all your technology, validate required controls, and mitigate violations to achieve continuous audit readiness. Learn more.

Analyze all your hardware, software and cloud investments to optimize procurement processes — know what you have, buy what you need.

IT Ops
Operational intelligence and process automation across endpoints, applications and network and cloud technology to drive efficiency and responsiveness.

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Manage Your Technology from Purchase to End-of-Life

Tracking endpoints, applications, and IT infrastructure from Purchase to Service enables procurement process automation and facilitates optimized usage. This includes:

  • Plan: expedite forecasting, automate ordering and ensure document tracking (contract, warranty)
  • Deploy: capture receiving data, validate configuration, initiate provisioning and track activation
  • Monitor: track usage, monitor access, verify controls, validate compliance and identify problems
  • Service: mitigate exposures and violations, expedite fix/replace, and ensure reclamation and deprovisioning
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The Oomnitza Platform

Oomnitza’s architecture is based on agentless bi-synch integration using flexible data models with an extensive ecosystem of integration partners. This allows you to leverage your existing technology investments.

  • No rip and replace. An agentless system that works with your existing IT investments.
  • Unified view. Integrate across previously disparate data sources to gain actionable context.
  • True visibility. Complete and immediate clarity across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Increased security. Immediately identify gaps in your potential attack surface.
  • Audit ready. Automate compliance verification and audit tasks to reduce manual processes.

Data Sources

Oomnitza leverages an extensive inventory of bi-synch data sources that is growing rapidly. We integrate with some of the leading technology companies across a wide variety of industries.

Data Source Block Data Source Block
*Oomnitza integrations as of Q2 2022. Updated Quarterly.

Integrations address hardware, software, SaaS, User Loads and Role blocks (ability to define workflows based on user requirements). Most integration sources include a broad range of presets (specific integration points that are ready to go), so if there are 90 + integrations, that represents several hundred presets.