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Effectively Manage Your Entire Software Estate

Oomnitza’s Enterprise Technology Management solution provides immediate and actionable insight across your software ecosystem, including desktop applications, SaaS, cloud and virtual instances.

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Oomnitza's Software Asset Module consolidates data from disconnected silos for all applications from the desktop to the datacenter, virtual assets such as cloud infrastructure and SaaS software. With 600 integration points from over 100 technologies, Oomnitza can give you a holistic, integrated view of all software and cloud instances to enhance IT operations, security, compliance, finance and the employee experience.
Optimize Desktop Category Distribution Optimize Desktop Category Distribution

Gain comprehensive, accurate and actionable insight

Realize a razor sharp view into the dynamics and status of your entire software ecosystem, tightly coupled with your hardware infrastructure and contextualized to your users, providing insight to finance, IT Ops and procurement teams to improve budgeting and forecasting.

Multi-cloud management made simple and effective

Modern enterprises are deploying mission-critical applications in a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Embrace a multi-cloud workload strategy with ease and help monitor all cloud instances, SaaS subscriptions and desktop software from a single integrated view.

Aws Instances Missing Endpoint Protection Aws Instances Missing Endpoint Protection
Secure Missing Anti Virus Compliance Secure Missing Anti Virus Compliance

Mitigate security and privacy risks

Gain a detailed view of unauthorized software and cloud in use that puts your organization at risk. Correlate software usage directly to individual business units to ensure that only approved software is in use and that company data is stored in secured, authorized instances.

Reduce software, cloud and SaaS expenditures

At a glance, see active users and their roles and permissions to optimize subscriptions and reclaim unused licenses. Ensure that software instances and license types are assigned to the appropriate, authorized user.

Optimize Saas Spend Software Optimize Saas Spend Software
Grey Workflow Software Grey Workflow Software

Automate software processes and keep employees on-point

Your workforce is increasingly remote and mobile. Keep your employees productive by provisioning and maintaining the software they need to do their job with a powerful yet easy-to-use bi-directional workflow engine, with a simple drag and drop interface.

Seeing is Believing

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