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Support Your Hybrid and Remote Workforce With Ease

Oomnitza’s Enterprise Technology Management solution enables you to easily provide and track the tools your modern dynamic enterprise needs to keep teams productive.

Accessories Module Header Accessories Module Header
The Accessories Module enables you to keep track of those ancillary but important components in your IT ecosystem, from monitors and printers to docking stations, webcams, wireless headsets, keyboards and mice, all of which are critical requirements for efficient workflows and productive employees in a dynamic and dispersed hybrid workforce.
Accessories By Status Accessories By Status

Maintain accurate inventory

Track accessories to maintain accurate inventory, optimize stockroom inventory levels and manage budgets more effectively. Know what you have so you don’t buy what you don’t need.

Support your remote workforce

Have immediate visibility into the entirety of your hybrid workforce’s infrastructure, not just hardware and software, but also, webcams, printers, monitors, keyboards etc. to ensure productivity from any location.

Accessories Stuff Accessories Stuff
Govern Assets In Stockrooms Govern Assets In Stockrooms

Enhance employee satisfaction

Don’t make your employees wait for the tools they need to be productive. Prevent stock-outs and ensure alternative accessories are available when inventories are running low.

Be one step ahead in a highly dynamic IT environment

Be more efficient with your IT spend. Knowing exactly what is in inventory at any given moment enables procurement to reorder the most popular items to anticipate demand.

Accessories By Inventory Accessories By Inventory
Optimize Purchase Price By Model Optimize Purchase Price By Model

Reduce costs through more efficient IT spend

By providing immediate visibility into your IT inventory, including what your hybrid workforce has in hand, Oomnitza dramatically improves IT planning, forecasting and auditing.

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