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A Deeper Dive: Oomnitza's Impact on Pacific Dental Services' Hardware Lifecycle


In today's digital age, managing the lifecycle of hardware assets is a complex but crucial task for businesses. It involves tracking and maintaining a vast array of devices, from laptops and servers to specialized equipment. Pacific Dental Services, a leading dental support organization, faced this challenge head-on with the help of Oomnitza's enterprise technology management solution. This blog post takes a closer look at how Oomnitza has transformed Pacific Dental Services' hardware lifecycle management.

The Challenge of Hardware Lifecycle Management

Pacific Dental Services (PDS) supports over 800 dental offices across the United States, each with its own set of hardware assets. Managing these assets manually was a daunting task, prone to errors and inefficiencies. It was also time-consuming, pulling IT resources away from other strategic initiatives. PDS needed a solution that could streamline and automate their hardware lifecycle management.

The Oomnitza Advantage

Recognizing the potential of Oomnitza's platform, PDS made the transition to modern, automated hardware lifecycle management. Oomnitza provided a centralized platform where PDS can manage all their hardware assets, from procurement and deployment to maintenance and disposal.

Oomnitza's solution gave PDS real-time visibility into their hardware inventory. IT staff can quickly see the status and location of each asset, as well as associated contracts, warranties, and users. This detailed asset context made it easier to respond to service desk requests, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Reclaiming and Refreshing Hardware

One of the key benefits of Oomnitza's platform for PDS was improved hardware reclamation and refresh forecasting. Before Oomnitza, PDS had limited visibility into their hardware usage. Unused devices often sat idle, while other devices became obsolete or broke down due to lack of maintenance.

With Oomnitza, PDS can track hardware usage in real-time. Unused devices can be quickly identified and redeployed, reducing unnecessary purchases. Oomnitza's platform also provided alerts for devices nearing the end of their lifecycle or warranty period, allowing PDS to plan hardware refreshes accurately.


Pacific Dental Services' experience shows how Oomnitza's solution can revolutionize hardware lifecycle management. By providing real-time visibility and automated workflows, Oomnitza helps businesses like PDS optimize their hardware usage, reduce costs, and enhance service delivery. It's a powerful testament to the value of modern, integrated technology asset management.

Would you like to learn more about how to efficiently automate the hardware asset lifecycle? Be sure to check out the Oomnitza Procurement Forecasting Workflow webinar. In this information packed session, you will learn from Andy Mitchell, Oomnitza Field Chief Technology Officer as he shows you:

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  • How to automate the lifecycle of your technology assets from procurement to end of life.

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