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Announcing Some Big User Experience Improvements for Oomnitza

As a technology company, we recognize that our technology only works well if people love the user experience (UX). In that spirit, we strive to make Oomnitza as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. So we are excited to announce that our latest release brings an enhanced user interface (UI) and a cleaner, streamlined user experience. For this UX revamp we incorporated lots of valuable feedback from our customers and are grateful for their input and partnership.

Moving to React

Under the hood, we implemented our new user interface entirely in the React Javascript library. This allows for a faster and more responsive user experience. The two major UI changes in this release are the new block view (see below) and the inclusion of popups available throughout the product that simplify and accelerate navigation.

New Cleaner Block View For Cards

The enhanced block view brings a cleaner UI with added functionality. We’ve made it easier to configure and personalize Oomnitza by allowing individual users to select and prioritize the specific attributes they want to display. This allows users to create personalized views and workspaces. We also expanded the allowable number of fields that we display in the individual blocks on each card. Before, we displayed just 3 fields. Now we support up to 5 attributes so you have quick access to the information you need.

To make changes to the field display, simply click on the  icon in the top right and select your desired fields. Once the fields are selected the block view will automatically update with the new information; no refresh or reload of data is required!

We’ve also added a “quick action” menu to each block, displayed when you click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the block. This allows you to interact with records in a new way. For assets, you have the ability to assign an asset, change the status, or archive a record. In the Software module, the quick actions will allow you to add contracts or assign licenses to users. From the People module, you will have the quick actions to assign an asset or license directly to a user. 

We eliminated the ability to drag-and-drop to archive a record, in favor of the quick-action menu. Dragging and dropping takes longer and is less convenient. This new block UX experience is available across all Oomnitza modules, including Assets, Software, Contracts, and People.

New Popups

One of the primary goals with the new popup experience is to optimize usage of the on-screen real estate when displaying data. This contrasts with the previous release where we displayed fixed-size popups. With the new popups, when you click into a record you will be presented with a full screen and responsive popup that is optimized across display types. This uses screen real estate more efficiently and is more readable. In addition, the look and feel has been streamlined; with field inputs that are now more visible and interactive. As you are modifying an asset record, our improved input validation will clearly indicate if a particular value is invalid or missing. Every data type associated to a field has an improved user interface element, such as interacting with date fields, or hovering to view information about users.

To improve usability, we updated the popup so that the “Save” button is only available when a change has actually been made. Once editing has begun, the popup view will disable the ability to switch between other tabs, ensuring that any entered data on the Information tab is reliably captured. This will also reduce manual errors. Last but not least, we’ve added a small icon next to the field names to indicate if a particular field is a built-in Oomnitza system field, or if it's one the user organization has added. (Oomnitza system fields may not be editable). Every tab in the popup has been polished to provide a consistent and more intuitive experience.

We look forward to hearing about the new improvements as well as delivering further enhancements. We are proud of the work our UX team has delivered and we hope you enjoy the results. For any questions or feedback, please send an email to

The Oomnitza Team

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