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SaaS Management

Automate SaaS lifecycle processes to improve utilization, mitigate cyber risk and eliminate wasteful spend

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As SaaS adoption accelerates, organizations face growing financial, security and operational risks due to lack of oversight and control.

Overspending and Sprawl

SaaS spend continues to
grow 15-20% annually1,
with 50% of organizations
wasting at least 10% of
their software and SaaS spend2

Decentralized Purchasing

SaaS is increasingly purchased outside the purview of IT, with 51% of Line-of-Business executives involved in purchasing decisions3

Lax Governance

Organizations average over 125 different SaaS apps totaling $1,040 per employee annually, with IT typically aware of only a third of them1

“Through 2027, organizations that fail to centrally manage SaaS life cycles
will remain five times more susceptible to a cyber incident or data loss
due to misconfiguration."

- Gartner1

Oomnitza Makes SaaS Management and Optimization Simple

Oomnitza automates software and SaaS lifecycle processes, from Discovery to Optimization (D2O), enabling IT teams to centrally manage, govern, enable and optimize SaaS used by employees. Organizations can reduce security, operational and financial risks associated with SaaS such as underutilization, overspend, application redundancies, incomplete offboarding and non-compliance.

Software and SaaS Lifecycle Process Automation


Automate the discovery of all IT managed and unmanaged SaaS and on-premises applications. Auto-populate list of active employees and contractors from your IT and HR systems, and identify users assigned to various applications. Oomnitza integrates with your existing IAM, SSO, AD and other IT systems, such as Okta, Google, Azure etc. to give you a complete picture of your software estate and assigned users.

Discover Ss Discover Ss
Classify Ss Classify Ss


Categorize applications by function, business units, IT managed or not, sanctioned or unsanctioned, and prioritize which ones are most important. Understand user roles, license types and contract assignments for each application. Oomnitza directly integrates with over 150 leading SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Zoom, ServiceNow, Google, Zendesk, Asana, Atlassian, Netsuite and more to get insight into usage patterns such as how often users access apps, last login date etc. for better decision making.


Identify applications that contain personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and other sensitive, confidential or high-risk data. Monitor vendor status and artifacts for apps that need to adhere to SOC 2 or other compliance mandates. Ensure license compliance and avoid over-provisioning, true-ups and penalties. Oomnitza allows you to categorize applications by the type of data that is being stored and processed, and enables you to enforce the appropriate security and compliance controls.

Govern Ss Govern Ss
Manage Ss Manage Ss


Automate SaaS administration workflows such as employee onboarding and offboarding, departmental moves and organizational changes, reassignment and migration of application data and workspaces, using Oomnitza’s low-code workflow engine. Provision optional apps based on user requests to ensure they get timely access to the applications they need to do their jobs effectively. Automating these repetitive, manual tasks not only saves time and resources, but also eliminates the risk of errors that can compromise security and disrupt business operations.


Proactively monitor utilization for all SaaS applications and maximize usage by reclaiming and reassigning orphaned licenses and inactive users. Oomnitza enables you to track utilization and spend by business unit or functional teams, provide data for accurate budgeting and forecasting, and determine the optimal number of licenses for rightsizing renewals. You can reduce SaaS waste by eliminating unused, underutilized and redundant licenses, consolidate buying leverage across business units, and ensure you only pay for what you need.

Optimize Ss Optimize Ss

“Through 2027, organizations that fail to coordinate SaaS life cycles will overspend on SaaS by at least 25% due to incorrect and unnecessary entitlements and not rationalizing overlapping tools and instances.”

- Gartner1

1. Gartner®, Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms, December 2022, by Dan Wilson Et Al
2. YouGov/Oomnitza 2023 Snapshot Survey: Software, SaaS and Cloud Spend Optimization & Automation
3. Gartner, “Infographic: Why Are You Wasting Your SaaS Expenditure?”, October 2021

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