White Paper

The 2022 Attack Surface Management Maturity Report

The "2022 Attack Surface Management Maturity Report," sponsored by Oomnitza and produced by CyberSecurity Insiders, offers a detailed analysis of the current challenges in managing enterprise attack surfaces. This report is derived from a comprehensive survey of security professionals and reveals critical insights:

  • 78% of enterprises in a cloud or multi-cloud model are experiencing challenges with infrastructure and misconfiguration visibility
  • 60% of enterprises have low confidence in their ability to manage attract surface risk
  • 53% of enterprises find remote/hybrid workers routinely deviate from security policies

The report provides in-depth statistical data on various aspects such as business outcomes, remote workforce management, policy adherence, cloud-related challenges, asset intelligence gaps, and more, making it a vital resource for IT leaders focused on enhancing their cybersecurity posture​.
The "2022 Attack Surface Management Maturity Report" serves as a compass for organizations navigating the complexities of cybersecurity in a rapidly evolving digital world. Armed with the insights provided, IT leaders can make informed decisions to fortify their defenses, address vulnerabilities, and enhance their overall cybersecurity resilience.