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Managing Apple and Everything Else: the Dynamic Duo of Jamf and Oomnitza

Learn how to improve on the power of Mobile Device Management with Jamf by integration with Enterprise Technology Management from Oomnitza.

In the world of technology, some combinations stand out, enhancing user experiences and unlocking new possibilities. Think of it like pairing fine wine with exquisite food. Just as Apple and Adobe revolutionized graphic design, combining Jamf and Oomnitza can elevate your enterprise technology management.

Why you Need Oomnitza with Jamf

Jamf is renowned for managing and securing Apple devices and applications. But in today's diverse IT landscape, organizations deal with a mix of technologies. From datacenter systems to countless enterprise applications, including HR management, ERP, IT service management and more, it's a complex ecosystem that needs to be managed and secured.

Even as organizations migrate to the cloud and embrace SaaS solutions, technology management remains crucial. Enter the partnership of Jamf and Oomnitza.

Meet Oomnitza

Oomnitza is an Asset Lifecycle Management solution that gives you technology asset management and low-code workflow automation to increase IT efficiency, reduce costs and improve security. Oomnitza gives you unparalleled visibility of all technology assets, such as hardware, software, SaaS, and network devices to optimize resources, security, compliance, finance and the digital experience.

Oomnitza features seamless integration with Jamf Pro that connects in minutes to provide you with comprehensive, accurate and actionable insight across all technology assets. This integration helps break down tech silos to give you a “big picture” view into your entire technology landscape. This is powered by Oomnitza’s 1500 integration points from over 160 technologies that gives you unprecedented visibility and control of your entire enterprise.

The Benefits of Jamf and Oomnitza

  • Comprehensive Technology Lifecycle Management: Manage infrastructure, software, SaaS, cloud, and accessories from a single, actionable view.
  • Identify Anomalies: Flag unusual network devices or endpoints that haven't checked in to Jamf, requiring immediate action.
  • Automate Common IT Workflows and Tasks: Streamline patching, configuration updates, service installations, and cross-functional processes like employee onboarding.
  • Detailed Reporting: Generate corporate-wide reports, providing insight into the status and distribution of all technology assets.
  • Efficient Configuration Data Management: Maintain a single repository for configuration data to enrich your CMDB.

Enhancing Your Organization

Oomnitza's integration with Jamf helps improve your organization across multiple processes:

  • Security: Bolster security for both Apple and non-Apple endpoints, enhancing your response to cybersecurity threats.
  • Compliance: Streamline compliance verification for frameworks like Soc 2, NIST, COBIT, and ISO.
  • Audit Preparedness: Accelerate software audit readiness, accuracy, and execution.
  • Employee Experience: Improve support representative productivity, enhancing the Apple user experience.
  • Financial Optimization: Optimize resources and improve technology investment forecasting for both Apple and non-Apple assets.

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