Enhance employee experience

Streamline employee onboarding logistics to provide a superior experience and ensure productivity

Ensure that each employee gets the devices and configuration that matches their role, so they can be productive as quickly as possible. Keep employee devices and their assigned applications up to date and perform timely refreshes. Through integrations with leading solutions such as Zendesk, Tanium, and Jamf, your technical support team has a full profile of each employee’s devices, their applications, and their status. So when there is a problem, issues are resolved faster and more comprehensively.

Streamline onboarding logistics to make employees satisfied and productive

Don’t keep new employees waiting. Integrations with HR and directory systems automate the detection of users who are onboarded or change status so devices and software are promptly provisioned.

Keep technology up to date

Know with complete certainty when it’s time to upgrade or replace. Older devices require more IT time, introduce more security risks, and reduce employee productivity as a result of slower systems and software incompatibilities.

Forecasting devices due for refresh keeps employees productive, well supported and performing optimally.

Reduce time to resolution (TTR) by integrating technology orchestration with your service desk

  • Bring unified asset details from Oomnitza directly into your service desk application.
  • Eliminate context shifting to discover asset data across multiple systems.
  • Agents can view assets related to tickets, and even reassign or issue loaner devices without leaving the service desk UI.
  • TTR can be reduced by as much as 50%, keeping your employees more productive.

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