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Unprecedented Visibility Into Your Technology Inventory

Gain a real-time integrated view into hardware, software, cloud, networking and users, from purchase through reclamation.

Secure Secure

Oomnitza Provides Critical Insights Needed to Track All Technology Across its Entire Lifecycle.

Understand the exact disposition of specific assets and their associated users/workflows as they transit across your organization. Assets can change owners, software licenses are often transferred, virtual machines can easily be spun up or down; IT is a dynamic and highly variable ecosystem. With Oomnitza, you have complete and instant visibility into the status of laptops, mobile devices, software licenses, cloud and virtual instances, essentially every asset and their associated owner.

Govern Asset Inventory By Location Govern Asset Inventory By Location

Visibility into all technology assets

Stop jumping across siloed data sources and actually see what you have in inventory from a single, real-time view. All hardware, all software and cloud, all your accessories and all the users in your system from a single point of view.

Automate provisioning and workflows

Having workflows triggered automatically based on preset thresholds allows you to scale at speed, with complete accuracy and integrity across your entire asset lifecycle, by integrating asset management with workflow management.

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Know Who Has What Where And Why Know Who Has What Where And Why

Know who has what where and why

Gaining visibility into your IT inventory is important, correlating that with users across all asset categories takes your game to the next level. This capability augments your security posture, facilitates compliance and optimizes employee experience.

Ensure smooth onboarding and secure reclamation

Ensuring new employees are properly provisioned and secured can mean the difference between a happy and productive employee and a frustrated one. Oomnitza captures asset identification at the point of purchase, and manages role based access to ensure integrity of the employee experience. This same information can be used when employees depart, ensuring timely reclamation of hardware assets and re-assignment of software licenses.

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