On-Demand Webinar

How To Increase IT Financial Efficiency During Uncertain Times

The uncertainty of the economic climate is presenting IT leaders with a multitude of challenges. How do they manage their diverse and distributed technology ecosystem more efficiently – from endpoints to SaaS and Cloud; how to budget effectively and optimize spending across hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructure; and how to ensure productivity and user experience for a hybrid workforce isn’t negatively impacted while these challenges are met.

Featuring guest speaker from Forrester, Carlos Casanova, Principal Analyst, and Ramin Ettehad, co-founder of Oomnitza, this on-demand webinar examines how IT complexity is driving expenditure blind spots, unplanned costs, and overspending. We explore how Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) platforms can help simplify IT operational environments by enabling IT leaders to gain insights, automate processes and improve the operational oversight that drives IT financial efficacy.

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how to:

  • Automate key business processes across the technology lifecycle
  • Optimize technology refresh and software renewals management
  • Identify underutilization and overspend on SaaS and cloud resources
  • Ensure efficient employee onboarding and secure offboarding