From Chaos to Control: How Oomnitza Reshaped Carvana’s Asset Management

With growth exceeding 3,000 percent, Carvana faced a daunting technology asset challenge, struggling to manage over 13,000 laptops and mobile devices manually using spreadsheets. Their offboarded employee endpoint recovery rate languished at a mere 50%, and they operated with a 70 percent risk of human error. In addition, the absence of holistic asset visibility, and precise inventory control, jeopardized compliance adherence.

By deploying Oomnitza’s Modern Technology Asset Management solution:

  • Carvana's endpoint recovery surged to 98%, saving over $600,000 annually.
  • Automated workflows eliminated the risk of human error.
  • They attained a perfect 100% compliance rating with NIST and SOC-2 requirements.
  • Procurement processes were accelerated 5x, streamlining forecasting and order tracking.

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