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Oomnitza’s Winter ‘21 Software Release Offers Customers New Reporting Dashboards and More Streamlined User Experience Capabilities

Oomnitza, the leader in technology orchestration solutions, has deployed its Winter ‘21 Release. The updated platform offers a variety of new features and enhancements focused on making roles and permissions easier to manage, providing a streamlined user experience, enhancing reporting, and adding in a number of quality-of-life improvements to make the Oomnitza experience even better.

“This updated platform is one more way Oomnitza helps the biggest enterprises in the world do their work more efficiently and accurately, oftentimes helping customers avoid seven-figure fines associated with compliance violations. Our latest updates dramatically simplify regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and procurement reporting, saving customers time, and providing the information needed to optimize workflows in support of hybrid business processes,” said Udo Waibel, CTO at Oomnitza.

As Oomnitza expands its suite of available features, integrations, and data sources, the ability to carefully control who has access to what becomes increasingly important. The Winter ‘21 Release has the following updates:

  • Roles and permissions enhancements now allow Oomnitza administrators to manage a wider variety of more granular permission sets, strengthening their customer’s security and compliance profile.
  • Usability enhancements make the software easier to use for its ever-growing base of users and expanded landscape of managed assets with an improved user interface. This includes consolidating all searches and actions into an easy-to-navigate panel and performance improvements to reduce list screen loading times, just to name a few.
  • User experience updates ensure that Oomnitza administrators have fully integrated access to a broad range of previously separate data sources at a moment’s notice. In addition, Oomnitza has added the ability to create multiple dashboards while restricting those dashboards to specific roles to support security and compliance requirements.


Additionally, the Winter ‘21 Release offers new date formats to allow for more specific usage of date and time values to support better coordination across teams that span multiple time zones. This allows users to split up analytics between teams and functions, providing them with more specific and relevant information in context.

Oomnitza’s model for managing this dynamic ecosystem is referred to as Enterprise Technology Orchestration (ETO). ETO pulls in data from what were previously disparate and unconnected data sources (hardware vs. software. vs. cloud, etc.) into a single and consistent view. This provides IT with an immediate view into the entire IT portfolio and is far more consistent with how technology drives business processes. With a unified and agentless system that is constantly updated, IT teams can monitor, trend, and manage technology sprawl through automatically discoverable and constantly updated data.

About Oomnitza

Oomnitza delivers the first Enterprise Technology Orchestration solution connecting hardware, software, cloud, and IoT. Customers can manage their IT portfolio to optimize their spend, automate governance processes to meet compliance and auditing requirements, protect from security risks, and support employee productivity. Oomnitza is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit