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Oomnitza’s Spring ‘21 Software Release Offers Customers an Expanded View of Assets

Users now have the ability to configure assets that support new workflows

Oomnitza, the leader in enterprise technology management solutions, has deployed its Spring ‘21 Release. The latest solution provides a variety of enhancements that expand Oomnitza’s ability to manage a diverse array of objects in an ever-changing IT landscape.

Customers will be able to create custom objects that can be linked to existing objects such as assets, users, or locations, which will provide enterprises with a much more granular and real time view into their IT estate.

“We are delivering another innovation to help our customers rapidly adapt to a hybrid work model. ” said Udo Waibel, Oomnitza’s Chief Technology Officer. “With new abilities to create and implement custom objects, our customers are able to define workflows that are configured, rather than coded--opening vast opportunities not only for our customers, but for the overall market.”

Since its previous Winter ‘21 release, Oomnitza has continued to expand its ability to manage SaaS and desktop software. Oomnitza now supports SaaS User Role integration with more than 30 different systems, and continues to add more. This release also adds two new types of integrations to allow expanded visibility into customers’ software landscape.

As Oomnitza expands its suite of available features, integrations, and data sources, the ability to carefully control who has access to what becomes increasingly important. The Spring ‘21 Release has the following updates:

  • Custom Objects: This new feature allows customers to extend the reach of Oomnitza with flexible attributes and more details to accommodate a wider array of use cases to be covered within an Enterprise Technology Management solution.
  • Screen Builder: More extensive and user-friendly configuration of fields that provide additional flexibility in terms of how information is displayed, including the creation of blocks of fields designed to share a common theme.
  • SaaS Management: Oomnitza continues to accelerate the number and range of software systems into which it integrates, including SaaS User Role integration as well as dynamic views of different versions of software within a single desktop, providing far deeper insight into the software installed on users computers.


Finally, Oomnitza’s configuration migration tool gives customers more control over how they migrate information between their production and sandbox environments with new workflows and custom objects.

Oomnitza’s model for managing this dynamic ecosystem is referred to as Enterprise Technology Management (ETM). ETM pulls in data from what were previously disparate and unconnected data sources (hardware vs. software. vs. cloud, etc.) into a single and consistent view. This provides IT with an immediate view into the entire IT portfolio and is far more consistent with how technology drives business processes. With a unified and agentless system that is constantly updated, IT teams can monitor, trend, and manage technology sprawl through automatically discoverable and constantly updated data.

About Oomnitza

Oomnitza delivers the first Enterprise Technology Management solution that consolidates in one source of truth data about applications, endpoints, Cloud, users, and accessories. Customers can manage their IT asset portfolio to orchestrate logistic processes, optimize cost, enforce security rules, meet compliance and auditing requirements, and enhance customer experience. Oomnitza is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit