Assume the Lotus Position

The guy a few cubicles over just asked you for the third time why he’s having trouble with his laptop, and you think to yourself: “You’re kidding me, right?” Then you’re wondering how old the laptop is, what the last repair was, if the software patches are up to date, and the answer is—you’re not really sure. Peace out, my friend. There’s a far better way.

In minutes, you can integrate Oomnitza and Zendesk to get asset management done right. Manage laptops, servers, monitors, and more. Start tracking and managing assets with the clarity and calm of a Zen master. Even do it remotely on your mobile.

Connect Oomnitza + Zendesk in minutes

it asset management

By integrating Oomnitza and Zendesk, you can:

  • View Zendesk tickets within Oomnitza and access Oomnitza assets within Zendesk.
  • Display all devices linked to the ticket based on any set of custom attributes you define.
  • Display all the devices that belong to the ticket requester and tag additional assets via the Zendesk ticket commenting feature.
  • Use Oomnitza to pull up an asset record and view the history of Zendesk tickets and make better decisions.
  • Securely interact with every Thing that makes your business run from anywhere you happen to be.
  • Easily configure asset management fields using drag-and-drop technology, to track attributes that matter.
  • Automate tracking of hardware and software attributes so you get asset details with ease and efficiency.